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The Top 20 Scariest Aliens

Aliens are all around us. On TV that is. There are countless shows and movies dedicated to aliens. Steven Spielberg himself has contributed to more alien movies that we can dream.


I have gone about and ranked my 20 favorite aliens by the order in which they frighten me.

Notable absences:
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Richard Solomon: Third Rock From The Sun
Star Trek: Spock
The Last Starfighter

20. Alf
Cute, cuddly, furry. Only real scary thing is his hunger for cats.

19. ET
Warm and friendly, looks like a prune with a long neck. Who knows about his buddies though.

18. Kang & Kodos: Simpsons
Mostly comic relief but there are a few episodes where they act like the scary vicious aliens they should be.

17. Fifth Element
There are a lot of aliens in this movie, but the Mangalore take the cake with their ferocity and numbers.

16. Mars Attacks
They look innocent enough, but they have their mean streak as well. Their language is also pretty messed up.

15. Evolution
Many messed up aliens here. This giant bubble squid thing is probably the best.

14. Men In Black
Also a movie full of aliens, so there are many to choose from. The king cockroach is the scariest by far.

13. Transformers
Are they aliens or robots? Well they are both and the decepticons in this movie have nasty attitudes and teeth.

12. Spaced Invaders
This enforcer is quite scary looking, his dialog leaves much to be desired.

11. Starship Troopers
Bugs galore fight off against Neil Patrick Harris. I can't rank one over the other here so I added a picture of each.

10. Lost In Space
The theme here is spiders, and when one of them bites Dr. Smith, he becomes a giant spider himself.

9. Doom
Are they aliens or creatures from another world or just lab experiments? Well it could be any, depending on what source you get your information from. I'm going with alien for convenience. Look at what the Rock looks like as an alien.

8. Signs
Look very much like apes to me. They are presented so brilliantly, it doesn't even matter.

7. Predator
Probably the toughest alien out there is equally frightening. Especially without his mask.

6. The Faculty
You don't actually see a giant alien till the end. Until that point its more of a invasion of the body snatchers thing.

5. Pitch Black
Very similar to Starship troopers except bigger with eyes and teeth. I think this adds to the alien a lot.

4. Cloverfield
You don't see this creature very much but when you do it is frightening. Not entirely sure if we know if the creature really is an alien, but I digress. Just creepy.

3. War Of The Worlds
The tripods that the aliens use are just as scary as the aliens themselves. The noise they make are terrifying.

2. Independence Day
These also have a horrifying noise. They put the snake eyes on you. Even now I can't look at these things too long.

1. Alien
As if this needed explaining. There are 3 kinds here equally scary.
The babies

The drones

And the Queen


  1. All those aliens to be scared of and the one that frightened you the most was the one not on my list!

  2. Alien #8 is most likely to be real.

  3. not even frightend since i played all of those horror shooters like F.E.A.R and DOOM

  4. Yeah most aren't too bad. I do dislike the facehugger. Something about having my face smothered is not cool.

  5. how do you kill them

  6. The faculty alien resembles the Plague Queen from REDFACTION:ARMAGEEDDON.

  7. i love the aliens and the predators but i would say predators should come within the top 5 because of there hunting skills

  8. What about the alien from John Carpenter's The Thing Scary as hell


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