Sunday, January 5, 2014

100 Uniquely Strong Magic Creatures Part 2/5

100 Uniquely Strong Magic Creatures Part 1/5

Giant Solifuge
 photo GiantSolifuge_zpsb1793ba8.jpg
Three great abilities on a decent sized creature for four mana is pretty good. Too bad it dies to everything.

Mobile Fort
 photo MobileFort_zps314afb83.jpg
Decent blocker. Probably overcosted both to cast and to attack. I feel like this is a remake of a worse card though.

Silent Arbiter
 photo SilentArbiter_zpsb18d575e.jpg
The stats on this guy are largely irrelevant. The ability though shuts down swarm decks, weenie decks and demands attention.

Seedborn Muse
 photo SeedbornMuse_zpsb131cb8c.jpg
Powerful ability in the right situation. Ideally you could do something other than just get vigilance out of your creatures, but you probably can't do that mono green.

Gilded Drake
 photo GildedDrake_zpsc77a2406.jpg
I love this thing. A 2 mana control magic which can't be disenchanted. You do have to deal with the Drake himself, but it's still probably going to be a nice advantage if you cast it.

Fangren Firstborn
 photo FangrenFirstborn_zps47778f6e.jpg
Permanent counters suggests he belongs in aggressive decks with many creatures. 3 green requirement doesn't make him splashable, but good thing green has mana rampers to allow him to hit the battlefield running. It also becomes 5/3 right away which is on par for 4 mana.

Mirror-Mad Phantasm
 photo Mirror-MadPhantasm_zpsf93ff114.jpg
A wordy 5/1 Flier for 5. You want to mill yourself? This seems like a decent way to do it. It combos with a whole slew of cards: Living Death, Praetor's Counsel, Laboratory Maniac.

Wall of Nets
 photo WallofNets_zps84b0db16.jpg
Cheaply costed and can stall a board pretty good. Doesn't give permanent card advantage, but white has lots of cards flavored like this.

Wall of Reverence
 photo WallofReverence_zpscce67589.jpg
I like it better than Wall of Swords. You can gain some serious life with this wall. On 1-1 it's going to be pretty hard to race this thing.

Carven Caryatid
 photo CarvenCaryatid_zps85826e89.jpg
It's essentially a Wall of Blossoms for one extra green mana and +2/+1. That doesn't make this a worse card, just different. The problem is the three drop is much better than the two(in terms of what you could be casting instead).

Lightning Angel
 photo LightningAngel_zps03a7c6fd.jpg
A 2/2 flier is appropriately costed at three mana. So this puppy is larger and has haste/vigilance on top of that for 1 mana. Great deal here, just has the 'drawback' of three colors.

Aerial Caravan
 photo AerialCaravan_zps5e1f0a19.jpg
Semi-large flier with a nice ability. It does require some serious mana, but in the right deck it can do some damage. I see it as more of an aggressive card opposed to a control card, but I'm sure both ways have been used to success.

Ruinous Minotaur
 photo RuinousMinotaur_zpsbf8aea04.jpg
Getting stone rained is a bad drawback. If it had haste I might like it more but as a blocker this thing has some kick to it.

 photo Groundbreaker_zps816a0b39.jpg
It's a green Ball Lightning. Works well with green mana ramp, or Green Sun's Zenith. It also combos with Beserk and other graveyard hi-jinx.

Wall of Denial
 photo WallofDenial_zpsd19cabf8.jpg
It's not indestructible, but that's the only negative thing I can say. Only board wipes and wither are going to take this down. It's very flavorful as well. It literally is like a force-field for you.

Valakut Fireboar
 photo ValakutFireboar_zps9c4339e2.jpg
Don't love it. Five mana is a ton for blocker that can't attack without dieing. The lack of trample or evasion kills this thing.

Magus of the Tabernacle
 photo MagusoftheTabernacle_zps7956444e.jpg
An anti-creature card, which doesn't kill anything good. It's probably going to hose aggressive decks, but beyond that, it has a fairly limited function.

Djinn Illuminatus
 photo DjinnIlluminatus_zps24afb6cb.jpg
Expensive creature for an expensive ability. Triple lightning bolt for 3 mana isn't the worst thing to happen though. It also has a decent body on a flier so it doesn't just require the ability to be a functioning card. Multiple cheap burn or card draw spells do go a long way.

Pristine Angel
 photo PristineAngel_zpsd25baff9.jpg
Protection from colors on a 4/4 flying body for six mana is good. Protection from artifacts makes it even sicker. It's obviously hard to attack without an instant to back it up and protect her.

Weatherseed Treefolk
 photo WeatherseedTreefolk_zps014f6865.jpg
Pretty great one here. 5/3 Trample for five would be good for a common. The fact that it never really dies a la Ivory Gargoyle and doesn't cost a draw step makes it pretty sick. You can be as reckless as you want with it. It's so close to Vorapede which is one of my favorites.

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