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100 Uniquely Strong Magic Creatures Part 4/5

Tsabo Tavoc
 photo TsaboTavoc_zps2c38b27e.jpg
Really hates on other Legendary creatures. Seven power on first strike is good. It does die to more popular types of removal. Kind of iffy if it's worth occupingy a seven slot in a Rakdos deck.

12 CPT
Indomitable Ancients
 photo IndomitableAncients_zpsdc6a9de8.jpg
I'm really not sure if this is good or not. I suppose if you need good blocking you can't do much better for four mana. No defender means it can even swing when the board is low.

Isleback Spawn
 photo IslebackSpawn_zpsed79ac7b.jpg
Probably too expensive for most decks. I personally don't care for shroud. It nerfs you from abusing creatures. Hexproof is just much better. No evasion of any kind also really hurts this. Even Islandwalk would have been flavorful. Assuming you can consistently mill yourself 8/16 is much better though it has the same problem that it can be stopped by anything and you have no ways of getting it in there.

Arachnus Spinner
 photo ArachnusSpinner_zps07a385e6.jpg
Nice deal for the stats and Reach on a larger than normal Giant Spider. The ability to grab a mini Arrest from anywhere is kind of strange in a good way.

Protean Hulk
 photo ProteanHulk_zps79cbccb7.jpg
I really like this guy. Seven mana on a generic 6/6 is kind of bad. I do like the fact that it can pull some nasty creatures back onto the battlefield when it dies. In the right deck I can see it being a staple(4 of), probably a bit too much of a play around card to be a must start.

Maelstrom Wanderer
 photo MaelstromWanderer_zps038e71ae.jpg
A Ceta card which gives everything you control haste. Add a 7/5 body and it should probably cost seven, six? Then you add the other abilities for 1-2 mana? Double cascade is awesome, especially when it's likely going to be anything else in your deck. Yeah this guy is good. If you can cast him, that's some fantastic advantage.

Hunted Troll
 photo HuntedTroll_zpsa23b0e2e.jpg
Maybe your deck is running some Skylashers or Mistcutter Hydras. Blue isn't a big deal to Green. Fliers can possibly be an issue, but Green is also loaded with Reach. For four mana though this guy won't be walking through unblocked for quite a long time.

Nova Chaser
 photo NovaChaser_zps356b1489.jpg
It's probably balanced enought to be considered fair. Haste would make it good. Championing an Elemental is a big problem for most regular decks, making him a play around card. At least Trample ensures he is going to hit at least for some damage.

13 CPT
Tree of Redemption
 photo TreeofRedemption_zps3de49370.jpg
Very unique. It certainly could be powerful and has multiple used as both a blocker and additional life gain. It's so defensive, do you play four of these? Just one? I'm sure there are ways of abusing toughness and this guy would certainly be a piece of that.

Avatar of Hope
 photo AvatarofHope_zps92e5454e.jpg
A flying super-blocker is pretty decent. I suppose if you are at three or less life there are much worse things you could be doing. If you are getting swarmed, the nine toughness might not be enough. Great sideboard against the right deck - mid aggro without great ability to deal late game damage.

Empyrial Archangel
 photo EmpyrialArchangel_zpseb7b5336.jpg
Shroud is probably okay here as this thing isn't here to attack. You want to keep your eight mana investment alive as long as possible to take as much damage as possible. Perfect colors as all three have ways of preventing damage to creatures.

 photo Borborygmos_zpscaff4748.jpg
Borborygmos is at least very good. He's close to greatness, but for seven mana six power is mehhh. Trample is great and might be able to get through unlike Protean Hulk. Giving your creatures +1/+1 counters is great, but if you're hitting for six more than once you're probably going to win anyway.(EDH not included)

Pestilence Demon
 photo PestilenceDemon_zps537c880a.jpg
Pestilence is one of the best cards in the game at four mana. So can you afford to wait long enough that when you get to eight you also get a 7/6 flier on top of it. Clearly another card that if you can just cast it, good things are going to happen assuming your life isn't too low.

Silvos, Rogue Elemental
 photo SilvosRogueElemental_zpsf133725b.jpg
Good combination of power and toughness given fact that it has the best offensive ability and the easiest way to keep a creature alive. Things have come a long ways since the ole Craw Wurm.

14 CPT
 photo Gurzigost_zpsb1402463.jpg
Five mana for a 6/8? Sign me up. That's not the worst drawback in the world either. Just need cards in your graveyard. Curse of the Bloody Tome yourself or play more instants and sorceries; this thing will be hitting hard in no time.

Shivan Wurm
 photo ShivanWurm_zps670ddc45.jpg
Also a great creature for five mana. Restricted to Gruul decks, this thing has even less of a drawback than Gurzigost. What's so hard about bouncing a goblin or Birds of Paradise for the ability to swing with a 7/7 Trampler on turn 6.

Fell Shepherd
 photo FellShepherd_zps3cae2c1c.jpg
Takes some work for this thing to be a complete bomb, but it is solid. You need creatures, mana and be able to hit your opponent. If you are controlling all of that, odds are the game is going well. From behind though, a generic 8/6 for seven mana is just average.

Panglacial Wurm
 photo PanglacialWurm_zps0f20f9e0.jpg
If you have Worldly Tutor and are sitting on a ton of mana I suppose the second ability could come up. But other than that, you've got a 9/5 Trampler for seven which is about right and not quite awesome.

Lord of Tresserhorn
 photo LordofTresserhorn_zpse70d596c.jpg
I never liked this guy. A 10/4 regenerator for four seems amazing. You are pretty much 3-1ing yourself though. Now of course in the right colors and right situation this really is a bomb. If you are losing lowly creatures it helps. Giving your opponent two free cards isn't good. It might be better to play with five mana and save that black mana to Regenerate because this will surely turn some heads.

15 CPT
Skaab Goliath
 photo SkaabGoliath_zps4d9a0ab7.jpg
I think this card was one of the biggest reasons I made this list. I had just never saw a 6/9 creature before and I wanted to know how many there were(there's only one). Exiling two creatures from your graveyard shouldn't be too hard in an aggressive deck by turn six. And a splashable six mana for a large trampler is always good. It's just so not what Blue does, at least without Islandhome or some terrible drawback.


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