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100 Uniquely Strong Magic Creatures Part 1/5

After running across an unique creature with a strange power and toughness - I started wondering how many different power toughness combinations there were in the game. I figured it would be about 465 combinations if every creature existed from 30(CPT) combined power toughness to 1.
This was obviously not the case.
I found 95 creatures(as of Theros) which have an unique power and toughness combination.

A fun activity I felt was to go through and review all of them one by one by increasing CPT. These aren't necessarily the most powerful creatures, but the highest rated cards that I found that I wasn't familiar with so I could hopefully say something interesting about them.
I couldn't keep the list at 95, so I have rounded it out with some nice beasts.

? CPT 
Serra Avatar
 photo SerraAvatar_zpsb953d2f2.jpg
There are a few creatures with */*, Wood Elemental anyone? This guy/girl? is pretty good. Though it's hampered by lack of evasion, graveyard tricks and expensive cost. But it may be your life gaining deck's champion.

-2 CPT
Spinal Parasite
 photo SpinalParasite_zpsd5d85b5b.jpg
Your best hope is a 4/4 which can remove two counters from a permanent. That's a low ceiling. But the floor starts below the ground.

Golgari Grave Troll
 photo GolgariGraveTroll_zpsaafc9ce6.jpg
This guy is great albeit a bit slow. Dredge 6 with stats that get better in a large graveyard is pretty decent. Regen to boot. Of course you could just cast him as 0/0 and have him die.

Argothian Enchantress
Shroud is the best thing and the worst thing as you can't make her useful without more enchantments, which even in an enchantment heavy deck won't have a ton.

People of the Woods
 photo PeopleoftheWoods_zps253f3a61.jpg
2 mana for a 1/1 isn't good, but maybe you are top decking a 1/7 for 2 mana?

 photo Char-Rumbler_zpsddefc561.jpg
I had to look the rules up for -1, but it's really just 0. Double Strike is powerful, even if it cost three mana to do four damage a turn. The potential is here.

Azami, Lady of Scrolls 
5 mana to draw an extra card every turn? Good deal. So ab-usable with more wizards or ways of untapping. 

Priest of Titania 
 photo PriestofTitania_zpsd8911637.jpg
In the elf deck, this gets nuts and quick. 

Aven Trailblazer 
 photo AvenTrailblazer_zps81f5d963.jpg
Does it matter too much if it's a 2/1 or 2/3? I guess it helps, but three mana is the base line for a two power flyer, whichever way you cut it.

Forgotten Ancient 
 photo ForgottenAncient_zps6258572f.jpg
Yikes this thing is dumb. I think I want to give this thing a try. Both players make it bigger. It's going to grow super fast AND can move the counters to other creatures. Score.

Goblin Piledriver 
 photo GoblinPiledriver_zps0523be41.jpg
1/2 pro blue for 2 is meh. That second ability though makes it a killer goblin lord.

Vampire Hexmage
  photo VampireHexmage_zps0af4d3ba.jpg
I like it. Nice weenie for black which rarely gets good two drops. Late game it can kill hydras and Planeswalkers.

Wall of Tears 
 photo WallofTears_zps60740928.jpg
This can gain pseudo card advantage in the right situation. Or it can block the most expensive creature causing a nice setback.

Painter's Servant 
 photo PaintersServant_zpsbdccda74.jpg
I'm sure there are fun ways to abuse this. Grindstone and Gloom look pretty interesting.

Venser, Shaper Savant 
It's useful. I don't know why it's a mythic rare. Bouncing spells or creatures is decent and can create some card advantage but not likely going to cause a blowout.

 photo Ichorid_zps8de101e5.jpg
Slightly worse than Hellspark Elemental. But it does have the power to come back multiple times.

 photo Floodgate_zps732d7c90.jpg
Four mana gets you a blocker that leaves in it's wake a blue non flying pyroclasm(at minimum). Very easy to work around.

Tradewind Rider
 photo TradewindRider_zpsd6066889.jpg
This guy used to be a tournament hoss. It's not hard to see how good it can be in a controlling deck.

Peregrine Drake
 photo PeregrineDrake_zps7c36e112.jpg
Five is quite a bit, even for a 'free' spell. 2/3 fliers are indeed solid, but this strikes me as  inconvenient to work around rather than actually gaining a big advantage.

Troll Ascetic
 photo TrollAscetic_zpsb0544e11.jpg
Very solid for 3 mana. Put an enchantment or equipment on him and let him rip.


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