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100 Uniquely Strong Magic Creatures Part 3/5

100 Uniquely Strong Magic Creatures Part 1/5
100 Uniquely Strong Magic Creatures Part 2/5

Adaptive Snapjaw
 photo AdaptiveSnapjaw_zps4d8a1f6d.jpg
Looks fairly underwhelming at first. If you can evolve it though, 7/3 or 8/4 is much more appealing. It's not hard to evolve either. No trample and easy to kill are knocks on it.

Blistering Firecat
 photo BlisteringFirecat_zps983b7cfc.jpg
A Ball Lightning kitty which costs one more for one more power. It still has to come out on turn four, even if morphed. It gives you more options on the turn you do decide to unleash it.

Force of Savagery
 photo ForceofSavagery_zps1d0bc4be.jpg
It combos decently with some cards, but needs a toughness boost to even survive limits it. Trample is good in case it does survive for a turn. Lack of haste hurts for this kind of card.

Wall of Shards
 photo WallofShards_zpsa0c38b01.jpg
If your point is to hold your opponent off before you can combo or unleash some bomb, you can't get much better than Wall of Shards. In theory you wouldn't care about the life gain and a 1/8 flier for two is remarkable.

Palisade Giant
 photo PalisadeGiant_zps4c8f0ad8.jpg
Six mana is a bit to pay for a two power card. It does redirect damage to this guy which is a very powerful ability on a big toughness creature. It still dies to removal and won't stop any serious threat.

Etherium-Horn Sorcerer
 photo Etherium-HornSorcerer_zps6b38e57d.jpg
This thing is pretty nutty, cascade 6 is sure to draw something great. But the fact that it can do this repeatedly is just awesome. Six mana is a bit to spend and I wish it wasn't Izzet, but still a good card.

 photo Memnarch_zpsb67772f5.jpg
Seven mana to gain control of any permanent. Seems pretty good. It might be too slow for 1-1, but as your top of the curve bomb in a heavy blue deck, you can't do much better.

Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni
 photo Ink-EyesServantofOni_zpsfe3af34e.jpg
Ninjutsu is all about the element of surprise. It's also cheaper to cast. Both good things. This rat ninja can also regenerate and give card advantage in the form of a fallen creature. If this happens to you even once, you will start to reconsider all your blocking.

Laquatus's Champion
 photo LaquatussChampion_zps579f7b58.jpg
Pretty great in a 1-1 matchup. Six life for six mana is a good deal. You almost have to cast it for seven though to keep the black open for regenerating. If you can get it to stay for a turn, you have a nice beastie which won't go away easily.

 photo Thunderblust_zps61aa3e41.jpg
You get your three mana ball lighting which doesn't necessarily go away at the end of turn, but on top of it for two more mana you get a 7/2 haste. Seems like a great deal. Love this guy for an aggressive deck.

10 CPT
Jaddi Lifestrider
 photo JaddiLifestrider_zps71c68a96.jpg
You need to have a sizeable board presence to make this worthwhile and you need your opponent to be short on creatures. If that is really the case, you should probably just be attacking instead of tapping your board. Otherwise you are going to say gain 6 life, only to be open to being attacked and removed of that life.

Nemesis of Reason
 photo NemesisofReason_zpsd44b1091.jpg
Good mill card. 3/7 is mostly irrelevant except it might live to attack more than once. If your opponent is already milling you and get this guy into play it's almost a must kill. Ideally it would have a smaller body and only costing four as there are already many good five drops for milling.

Reya Dawnbringer
 photo ReyaDawnbringer_zpsa847e45a.jpg
Nine is too much for a normal game. It basically requires getting into play through other means. In a re-animator deck which can load the graveyard, this thing is a staple.

Razormane Masticore
 photo RazormaneMasticore_zps062a6331.jpg
Great limited card. If you like drawing lightning bolts then keep your 5/5 first strike in play for five mana. I like it better than the original Masticore. Goes great either in a controlling or aggressive deck.

Pit Spawn
 photo PitSpawn_zpsbb92d557.jpg
Seven mana is too much for a Craw Wurm with first strike. And you have to pay for the upkeep every turn. Oh, it does have super deathtouch. Still a hefty cost even if it takes down some chumps along the way.

Ayumi, the Last Visitor
 photo AyumitheLastVisitor_zps390a2d1f.jpg
Maybe a good sideboard card somewhere. Legendary landwalk can't come up too often, at least in some sets. Five mana is an okay deal for a 7/3. Without the evasion though, it just dies to Righteous Avengers.

11 CPT
Chorus of the Conclave
 photo ChorusoftheConclave_zpsca40ceeb.jpg
Eight for a low power forest walk creature is boring. However at eight mana you can crap out a big fatty every turn. Just imagine... a 6/4 Righteous Avengers!

Jareth, Leonine Titan
 photo JarethLeonineTitan_zps1631226f.jpg
Eats 6/4 Righteous Avengers for breakfast. Hell it even eats the Polar Kraken (wouldn't that be fun to watch). The ultimate blocker can also attack with some protection. This guy is good no doubt. If there was something that needed a power increase to just win the game, it's this guy.

Blazing Archon
 photo BlazingArchon_zps6829a8bf.jpg
Nine mana thing again. Blah blah, if you can actually cast it you have probably won. The one sided Moat which also affects fliers. I'm not actually sure why white has all these fatties which are way above a normal game curve. It makes more sense for black and green.

Avatar of Woe
 photo AvatarofWoe_zpsb19b5485.jpg
Speaking of black fatty. Great stats, great abilities. It works much better in a Golgari deck or re-animator since you can cast the thing for super cheap. Wrath effects are nice with it as well.

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