Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Top 40 Black Cards(40-31)

In honor of Black Friday, I have decided to next countdown my 40 most powerful black cards of all time.

The only catch was that I didn't include(for variety's sake) the cards from my
30 Coolest Magic Cards

But if you wanted to know where they stood with me(In terms of power, ranking only black cards):
Juzam Djinn(Top 50 card)
Damnation(Top 40 card) 
Vampire Nighthawk (Top 30 card)
Necropotence (Top 20 card)
Demonic Tutor(Top 10 card)
 photo JuzaacutemDjinn_zps463ac83b.jpg photo Damnation_zps1a1a8063.jpg photo VampireNighthawk_zps45a6a75f.jpg photo Necropotence_zps8af19c92.jpg photo DemonicTutor_zps52122f06.jpg

40. Thrill-Kill Assassin
Let's take the Erg Raiders, remove all the drawbacks, and add deathtouch on top of it. Very versatile, either as a second turn semi evasive threat or a late game blocker.

39. Hex
 photo Hex_zps9e501c5e.jpg
Wrath of God or Damnation it is not, but it is just appropriately costed. So help your opponent if there happens to be 7 or 8 creatures on the battlefield. Neither limited or easily targeted, but hard to find a better win condition for 6 mana.

38. Hymn to Tourach/Consuming Vapors
 photo ConsumingVapors_zpsefb073f2.jpg
Both are 2-1 cards. Hymn to Tourach is super powerful as a disruption card or in a discard deck. Vapors will off two creatures and gain you some life in the process.

37. Sever the Bloodline
As a four mana Maelstrom Pulse/Swords to Plowshares card it starts off pretty decent. It's the ability to do that twice just makes it a great card.

36. Bloodline Keeper
 photo BloodlineKeeper_zpsdf32d628.jpg
A 3/3 flier for 4 is on the right side of value. But there's quite a bit more with this card. It's much better in multiples or forbid a vampire deck. Pumping out baby 2/2 vampires every turn is crazy deal. But to pump out 4/4 vampires every turn is wicked. I can't come up with more adjectives, just remember it's a thing.

35. Life's Finale
 photo LifesFinale_zpsfc710de9.jpg
More mass removal. 6 is a bit much but it does have a nice kick in the pants after effect. I don't know how much you would pay for that kind of effect which doesn't affect the board.

34. Blood Scrivener
 photo BloodScrivener_zps8cfe326d.jpg
Great flavor card. As an early game creature he can hit. It won't be long until it's outclassed though. Late game it can provide some tremendous value. Zombie Wizards unite!

33. Desecration Demon
 photo DesecrationDemon_zps0402c76a.jpg
The stats on a flier for 4 mana is wrong. It's drawback isn't too much of one. 4 mana to have your opponent sac a creature every turn is worth it in-itself. But when your opponent runs out of said creatures, you will have a 10/10 Demon waiting.

32. Victim of the Night
 photo VictimofNight_zps2c4e7837.jpg
Two mana creature removal is excellent. It's limited against fairly rare creature types. Not as splash-able as some other common black removal, but this is basically on top.

31. Drana Kalastria Bloodchief
 photo DranaKalastriaBloodchief_zpsf71d61a7.jpg
It's like a Sengir Vampire, except it's second ability is so much cooler. Targeted repeatable removal is so big.

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