Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Top 40 Black Cards(20-11)

20. Sadistic Sacrament
 photo SadisticSacrament_zpsab2e7e79.jpg
I love comparing my old days playing magic with today. Jester's Cap used to be one of the most powerful cards back in the day(or maybe more of a favorite). Well this little card costs half as much. You could argue it doesn't affect the field for the cost of a card. But there also is some advantage to being able to look through your opponents deck for one. And you auto win if you get to kick this thing.

19. Royal Assassin
 photo RoyalAssassin_zps7fee4d21.jpg
Repeated removal equals card advantage. This guy can do some work. Sure he dies to almost anything and is sure to draw the hate, but that's the idea right? Vigilant creatures treat this guy as an overcosted Mons Goblin Raiders, and your opponent will obviously do their best to play around this.

18. Underworld Dreams
 photo UnderworldDreams_zps82a181d1.jpg
The worst this card could be is one damage a turn. There are easy ways to abuse this though. Howling Mine, Arcane Denial on just the top of my head. And that doesn't take into account the fact that your opponent could be playing card draw of their own. Eat that Phyrexian Arena. Kiss it Sphinx's Revelation.

17. Word of Command
 photo WordofCommand_zps18debbc9.jpg
There is some nice benefit to ill timing a card in your opponents hand. And even more benefit to cast some removal/combat trick and target the wrong battlefield. It's cheap and the art is great. It works in a discard deck. There are of course times when Word of Command will be a glorified Urza's Glasses.

16. Hatred
 photo Hatred_zps21335585.jpg
A win condition card. A Channel Fireball combo printed on one card. Do you have any lifelinkers? Uh yeah, how about no drawback. I guess unless your creature is destroyed, but that's a gamble worth taking right? Especially for a 3rd turn win.

15. Liliana of the Veil
 photo LilianaoftheVeil_zpse6d827ac.jpg
Card Advantage is the name of the game. During the Grand Prix, I had an opponent pull 4 of these in one game on me. Hello sac a creature, hello sac a creature, hello, hello. The other two abilities are pretty great. The plus one is kind of a work around, but works since she only costs 3. You can get your opponent into top deck mode pretty quickly.

14. Kokusho the Evening Star
There are lots of giant black baddies all worth their salt. So is this guy's ability worth a 5/5 flier for 6 and is it better than some others? I think so. The set of these dragon spirits all have some crazy abilities - Detain 5, 5 damage to each creature, 5 counters, gain control of a creature. A 10 point life swing is not small. In multiplayer it's sure to draw you much wrath. Gaining 15 life when your evening goes out is almost worth keeping it alive.

13. Animate Dead
 photo AnimateDead_zpsfe17f429.jpg
An Enchant Dead Creature! What. Two splashable mana for the ultra powerful ability to bring any creature back from a graveyard. A tiny drawback(-1/-0) for the chance to cast any single creature in your hand/deck during the third turn. Late game it works just as well, if not better.

12. Liliana Vess
 photo LilianaVess_zps3ef4d6d0.jpg
Two of the best black abilities printed on one - Vampiric Tutor and Living Death. Oh and the plus 1 is pretty awesome as well. You can use that ability to discard large creatures for #13. It's really the -2 ability(which allows you to fetch your next two draws are) is what you would typically do. Which is well worth 5 mana.

11. Hypnotic Specter
 photo HypnoticSpecter_zps5a36c78c.jpg
The greatest combo ever with dark ritual. It's quite possibly the greatest start to a hand that didn't include a power 9 card. Black no longer get's a 2/2 flier for 3 anymore without a drawback, let alone a crazy second ability on it. That just goes to show how broken hippie is. A staple for every black deck.

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