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My Top 40 Black Cards(30-21)

30. Murder
 photo Murder_zpscc222d64.jpg
Perfectly costed, perfectly worded, perfectly named, this card has one function and it does it perfectly. It has since been trumped by the almighty Hero's Downfall.

 photo HerosDownfall_zps3356fa73.jpg

29. Dread
 photo Dread_zps005f6f56.jpg
Kind of limited to black and not cheap. But when it hits the board it's great on both offense and defense. A 6/6 evasive creature is no slouch and it's second ability works great against all sorts of decks. Protecting this thing will win you the game fairly easily. Oh and it doesn't die, which I guess could be an equally bad thing for black.

28. Coffin Queen
 photo CoffinQueen_zps2b08937b.jpg
Three mana for the ability to get any creature in a graveyard under your control is fantastic. Oh it's repeatable unlike Necromancy. Not just for a re-animator deck - this thing could be splashed, put in a mill deck or even in a wrath deck.

27. Black Sun's Zenith
 photo BlackSunsZenith_zpsc4bd84ec.jpg
Damnation it is not, but in the right situation this could be even greater. All the Zenith's shuffle back in abilities are kind of neat. The fact that these are permanent counters is what rises Black Sun over some other mass removal. Life's Finale and Overwhelming Forces are fairly expensive comparatively.

26. Grave Titan
 photo GraveTitan_zps2c49373c.jpg
All the titans are great value and demand immediate attention. Grave has two pretty great abilities on him. 6/6 deathtouch is really hard to take down straight on in battle. The fact that it gives you 2-4 2/2s right away is pretty nice. Maybe you can also take advantage of the fact that they are zombies?

25. Sheoldred Whispering One
 photo SheoldredWhisperingOne_zps045244c5.jpg
The best source of late game advantage this side of Griselbrand. Not only does it help you get card advantage, it also costs your opponent for a double whammy effect. Just getting this thing to trigger for one turn is certainly going to change the tide of battle. The designers felt the need to give it Swampwalk on top of everything. Two cheaper than Reya Dawnbringer.

24. Dark Confidant
 photo DarkConfidant_zpsd08de1d9.jpg
One of the kings of card advantage. I understand it's powerful, but he's much more likely to kill you than his brothers. Love the flavor text and new artwork. It does cost 75$ which is really expensive but it's also cheaply costed which is what makes competitive decks run. It's also abusable to make for a super powerful card.

23. Bloodgift Demon
 photo BloodgiftDemon_zpsc189941d.jpg
Speaking of. You are putting Phyrexian Arena, which is great as a three mana card on a 5/4 flying demon. You could argue creatures are much more prone to dieing than an enchantment, but you could also say you are paying two more for the arena and said creature. Uh yeaah... You could also have your opponent(or teammate) draw a card if life gets that desperate.

22. Geth, Lord of the Vault
First glance only makes Geth above average. 5/5 psuedo evasive creature for 6 mana is pretty dece. But that second mill ability which doesn't require tapping or a ton of mana for straight value is downright broken. Oh and it get's cumulatively better for every card put in the graveyard.

21. Thoughtseize
 photo Thoughtseize_zpsd9180a40.jpg
Thee card removal uhh card. I love Distress for how cheap($) it is - one mana more, but doesn't cost you two life. Hymn is great for pure card advantage, but the ability to do this turn one is huge. Ostracize is great in the right situation as well, but this beats it.


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