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Top 10 Comic Book Villians

Written December 10, 2008
In honor of batman coming out on video, I felt it would be nice to pay a tribute to all my favorite animated villians.

I don't actually read comics. All of my information comes from cartoons, movies and the web. I've included who or what they are, why they are on the list and who the main protaginst is.


The two movie incarnations of the joker. Both are obviously gold.

Honorable mention. General Zod

Who: Leader of Krypton's military. Chooses to enslave the earth opposed to saving it. Imprisoned into the phantom zone mirror by superman's father. Vowed to get Superman afterwards.
Why: Similiar powers to superman, the eye lasers, the flying, the strength.
Foes: Superman

10. Venom

Who: Insane, gooey alien which needs a human host to survive. Picked Eddie Brock, a disgraced reporter who loathes his life and hates Spiderman.
Why: Shape shifter, can influence the mind of others. Extrasensory ability similar to the spider sense.
Foes: Spiderman

9. Thanos

Who: Both a personification of death as well as the god of death from Greek Mythology.
Why: Can manipulate matter, resistant to injury, shoots beams out of his eyes, doesn't need food or air and he's very intelligent.
Foes: Silver Surfer, Odin

8. Dr. Doom

Who: Sorcerer with superior intellect. Burned his face trying to raise his mother from the dead. Took control of a monastary and made the monks forge him
a suit of armor.
Why: Decided against killing Hitler and to conquer the world. Titanium battlesuit. Force field, molecule expander. Power over electricity.
Foes: Fantastic 4

7. Green Goblin

Who: Harry Osborn, CEO of his own robotics/chemical firm. Used himself as a test subject for a strength enhancing serum which exploded leaving him stronger and smarter but lost his sanity.
Why: Superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and healing rate. Has his own Glider and pumpkin bombs.
Foes: Spiderman

6. Lex Luthor

Who: Successful and corrupt businessman who owned Metropolis until Superman arrived. Eventually became the president.
Why: Mad scientist, power hungry who wants world domination. Can't seem to get arrested.
Foes: Superman

5. Sentinels

Who: Flying robots intended to save humanity from mutants. Created from a giant master Sentinel.
Why: Sheer size. Numbers. Arm laser cannon. Electrical arm whip. They also grow smarter. In an alternate future they rule the world.
Foes: X-Men

4. Magneto

Who: Tortured soul. Parents killed by the Nazi's, daughter killed by an angry mob. Wants for mutants to work together to destroy all humans.
Why: Has the power to control any metal. Can also create magnetic force fields and project enegy beams.
Foes: X-Men

3. Galactus

Who: Cosmic entity who was created during the big bang. Has a never ending hunger search to destroy planets.
Why: Destroys worlds, can enslave others.
Foes: Fantastic 4, Silver Surfer

2. Mr. Sinister

Who: Scientist eager to create mutants was transformed by Apocalypse. Wants to breed and clone stronger mutants to create a super race.
Why: Indestructible and a rapid healer. Extended life span. Telepathy. Ability to project concussive energy from his hands.
Foes: X-Men

1. Apocalypse

Who: Wants to enslave strong mutants and weed out the weaker ones in-order to battle humans. Thousands of years old.
Why: Can grow to any height. Indestructible. Shape shifter.
Foes: X-Men


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