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10 Most anticipated movies of 2009 and beyond

Written: January 4th 2009

There are a ton of movies coming out in 2009 and beyond which I'm sure many people other than myself will be looking forward to. Many of them are already over hyped (Avatar, Inglorious Bastards) many of them will make money regardless (Harry Potter, Spiderman) and many of them will suck (Pink Panther 2, Ace Ventura Jr?).

What is my top 10 for 2009?

Well first I want to mention 3 of them, which could go either way.

Friday the 13th – Horror remakes are usually a bad thing. (Amityville Horror, Texas Chainsaw) But when they are done right, they are amazing. (The Haunting, Halloween)

Street Fighter: The legend of Chun Lee – I'm probably the only person on the planet who thought the first Street Fighter movie was watchable. It had many problems but I personally liked JC Van Dam and Raul Julia. One of the things they are going to correct this time is the number of characters. However, hasn't Michael Clark Duncan has ruined enough movies? (Daredevil, Whole Nine Yards, Scorpion King)

Fast and the Furious 4 – I actually had no idea there was a 3. I ignored 2 for the most part because of no Vin Diesel. I'm not much of a car fan, so there needs to be more than Paul Walker to get me interested. Well since Vin Diesel is in this one again, it may be worth watching. At least whenever it comes to TV.

Here you go Number 10:

Night at the Museum 2


Why I want to see it: First one was good, Ben Stiller and hopefully Owen Wilson are great together. I'd love to see what they come up with this time.

Why you should avoid it: If you like a plot, I suppose you won't get one.

9. Saw 6


Why I want to see it: I've seen all 5 of them and they still entertain me. Great Halloween movies.

Why you should avoid it: Jigsaw has been dead for 3 movies now. Replacement Killer has ZERO charisma or reason to give a crap about him.

8. Land of the Lost


Why I want to see it: Will Ferrell is hilarious, we can see how far dinosaurs have came since Jurassic Park 3.

Why you should avoid it: I don't know if this is a funny movie. Maybe it's not supposed to be serious because if it is, the dream is dead.

7. Push


Why I want to see it: Looks very similar to Heroes, X-Men which I love.

Why you should avoid it: Dakota Fanning has a way of focusing a movie on her when it shouldn't be

6. 2012


Why I want to see it: Director from end of the world movies Independence Day and Day After Tomorrow is still 50/50. Should be an interesting take.

Why you should avoid it: If you saw the Day After Tomorrow you know that wolves can come on a boat in the middle of New York and ruin your movie.

5. Watchmen


Why I want to see it: I know very little about this, but I want to see what all the hoopla is all about. I'm still hip, I'm still with it….ducka ducka ducka ducka….

Why you should avoid it: There's absolutely no reason pay money based on hype before a movie comes out. Wait till both fans and critics say it's worth seeing.

4. GI-Joe


Why I want to see it: The director of the first two mummy movies is doing this one, both of which are awesome. Dennis Quaid and Ray Park add something unique. The cast in general sounds pretty sweet.

Why you should avoid it: Brendan Fraser though has me worried. Joseph Gordon-Levitt(3rd Rock from the Sun) may not be your Cobra Commander. Although that's what people said about Heath Ledger.

3. Terminator Salvation


Why I want to see it: The movies have been all decent. Christian Bale will make a good John Connor.

Why you should avoid it: The TV show pretty much ruined any uniqueness the franchise may have had left. It showed how boring killer robots could be.

2. Transformers 2


Why I want to see it: Giant robots, hopefully Devistator(please pretty please!). Megan Fox.

Why you should avoid it: Corny lines galore, lots of stupid filler.

1. Origins of Wolverine


Why you should see it: Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Sabertooth, and Gambit!

Why you should avoid it: It can be bad…(See X-Men 3)

And here are 10 past 2009 which will be awesome when they come out. Surprise, surprise most of these are superhero/nerd movies.

Didn't quite make the list:

Jurassic Park 4: I've liked all 3 so far so has a good chance.

A-Team: Great with the right cast.

Silver Surfer: Only if Galactus(See top ten villains, isn't a cloud this time).

Captain America: Part of the Avengers Trip, should be interesting.

Thor: Also part of the Avengers Trip, must be cast right.

Sin City 2: Really depends on where the story goes.

The Brazilian Job: I loved the Italian Job, so has a chance.

Little Fockers: I liked Meet the Parents/Fockers, so will probably see at some point.

Tekken: Great video game doesn't usually mean great movie.

Halo: Ditto I suppose, but has more of a fight in it.

Mortal Kombat 3: Well since 2 could have been a silent movie without screwing up the plot, it just has to be better.

Prince of Persia: I haven't liked what I've heard so far.

Masters of the Universe: Matrix meets Dolph Lundren?

Justice League: Also really depends on who plays Superman, Batman. If it's Bale/Routh, I'm in.

10. Castlevania


Why it will rock: The director of Event Horizon is doing this movie, which means it could be nice and scary. The majority is supposed to be in a castle, and lots of whipping.

Why it will suck: Video game movies are usually crap, even with a story already written they somehow go against all logic and common sense. (Mario Brothers, Doom)

9. Old School 2


Why it will rock: Same cast, if they bring the same chemistry it will be just as funny as the first.

Why it will suck: They are probably just trying to cash in on this and don't have a plot, wait the first one didn't have a plot…never mind.

8. 1776


Why it will rock: Everyone could use a refresher on this and if it's anything like the picture, George Washington fighting King Louie on the Death Star would be the greatest.

Why it will suck: May be like the Patriot and run 3 hours long. May try to teach me something like in History class..yuck.

7. Warcraft/WOW


Why it will rock: Anything with live action orcs is sure to be entertaining.

Why it will suck: Won't necessarily follow any event in the game. Video game movie.

6. Avengers


Why it will rock: Having a movie come out for each character before a giant collaboration is an incredibly risky thing, but one which could be huge.

Why it will suck: Already probably sans Edward Norton, it's really going to be hard to have a good story with so many characters (see X:Men 3)

5. Iron Man 2


Why it will rock: Robert Downey did a great job with the first. Lots of story line to proceed with.

Why it will suck: Too much hype. I think it really is going to have to take a step up from the first to not be a disappointment.

4. Superman 2


Why it will rock: Kevin Spacey is fantastic as Lex Luthor.

Why it will suck: No more Bryan Singer who I loved, but since the first did so badly there's a chance Brandon Routh might not make it back as Superman either.

3. Spiderman 4


Why it will rock: Same cast, Sam Rami basically can't fail with that formula.

Why it will suck: No longer character driven, last movie seemed to be too George Lucas. All the great villains are used up. Will probably have to battle Lizard.

2. Magneto Origin


Why it will rock: If Ian Mckellen plays the older version, it will be a nice continuation. One of the coolest villains(See Villians) and powers of all time.

Why it will suck: If it doesn't get made for whatever reason. If the actor chosen is a pile of garbage.

1. The Hobbit


Why it will rock: Again, Ian Mckellen will add something to the continuation. Peter Jackson knows his stuff.

Why it will suck: Story just isn't as good as the main trilogy. It will be good, it will just make me miss the others too much.


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