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RE-drafting the Lions - 2003


Uhh, one of the worst drafts started off by one of the biggest busts in NFL history. Charles Rogers ended up playing 15 games in his career, catching 400 yards and 4 touchdowns. Not great for a normal NFLer, but for the second overall pick...just dreadful. Set the Lions back 2 years alone. Some of it wasn't his fault. The man had terrible injury problems, and he did look decent before the first collarbone incident. However it was reveled he had a drug problem, and that he failed one test already that the Lions knew about when he was drafted. I think he suffered from the same problem Matt Leinart did, being too close too his old school and friends when he really just needed a new start.

Round 1:
Detroit Charles Rogers WR Michigan State

My Pick:
5. Dallas - Terence Newman CB Kansas

Also could of had:
3. Houston - Andre Johnson WR Miami (Fla.)
9. Minnesota - Kevin Williams DT Oklahoma State
10. Baltimore - Terrell Suggs DE Arizona State
11. Seattle - Marcus Trufant CB Washington
13. New England - Ty Warren DT Texas A&M
23. Buffalo - Willis McGahee RB Miami (Fla.)
16. Pittsburgh - Troy Polamalu SS Southern California
24. Indianapolis - Dallas Clark TE Iowa
27. Kansas City - Larry Johnson RB Penn State
31. Oakland - Nnamdi Asomugha CB California

So many picks could of been had here. Sad thinking we could have Williams, Polamalu or even Dallas Clark. Andre Johnson instead of Charles Rogers might have changed fortunes.

Round 2:
34. Detroit - Boss Bailey OLB Georgia

My Pick:
37. New Orleans - Jonathan Stinchcomb OT Georgia

Also could of had:
39. Jacksonville - Rashean Mathis FS Bethune-Cookman
40. Minnesota - E.J. Henderson ILB Maryland
42. Seattle - Ken Hamlin FS Arkansas
54. Arizona - Anquan Boldin WR Florida State
56. N.Y. Giants - Osi Umenyiora DE Troy State

Lots of defensive help here, Mathis, Dwayne White or Umenyiora would have been great as would have Boldin (again instead of Rogers). A good tackle would have been better than the bust of LB Bailey.

Round 3:
66. Detroit - Cory Redding DE Texas

My Pick:
69. Dallas - Jason Witten TE Tennessee

Also could of had:
68. Chicago - Lance Briggs ILB Arizona
91. N.Y. Giants - Vishante Shiancoe TE Morgan State

Chris Simms, Justin Fargas, and Kevin Curtis were all taken here. None turned out to be particularly effective. The tight ends on the other hand, are still staples to this day. Redding at least played for years, effective though? Ehh.

Round 4:
99. Detroit - Artose Pinner RB Kentucky

My Pick:
120. New England - Asante Samuel CB Central Florida

Also could of had:
111. Buffalo - Terrence McGee CB Northwestern Stat

Mediocre RB's galore here: Lee Suggs, Onterrio Smith, Quentin Griffin, LaBrandon Toefield, Domanick Davis. Lions got their own in Pinner. Brandon Lloyd is having a good year finally. How the heck Samuel fell to the fourth round is astonishing now, stupid pats.

Round 5:
137. Detroit - Terrence Holt FS North Carolina State
144. Detroit - James Davis SS West Virginia

My Picks:
160. N.Y. Giants - David Diehl G Illinois

Also could of had:
138. Indianapolis - Robert Mathis DE Alabama A&M
142. Cleveland - Ryan Pontbriand C Rice
156. Miami - Donald Lee TE Mississippi State
164. New England - Dan Koppen C Boston College

Lots of mediocre defensive players in this draft. Lions attempted to get 2 safeties here. Both were....mediocre. I would have shored up the guard position as they never had a good one.

Round 6:
175. Detroit - David Kircus WR Grand Valley State

My Pick:
198. Indianapolis - Cato June FS Michigan

Also could of had:
188. San Diego - Hanik Milligan FS Houston
211. N.Y. Giants - David Tyree WR Syracuse
213. Miami - Yeremiah Bell CB Eastern Kentucky

Tyree had one good superbowl catch, one better than David Kircus, the division 2 WR who had some good catches, but of course there were better players. Cato June and Bell were steals here.

Round 7:
216. Detroit - Ben Johnson OT Wisconsin

My Pick:
Philadelphia - Quintin Mikell SS

Also could of had:
San Diego - Antonio Gates TE
Baltimore - Brendon Ayanbadejo LB
Philadelphia - Jon Dorenbos C
Jacksonville - Kassim Osgood WR

Ken Dorsey and Kevin Walter were taken here. There was talent to be found. Don't remember Ben Johnson.

I would have taken 2 Safeties and 2 Cornerbacks in retrospect. No Kircus or Charles Rogers, but the team would have had the same defensive positions. But we got Bailey, Holt, Davis and Redding.


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