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RE-drafting the Lions - 2001


I've been a football fan since well 2001. I never really liked it in high school for some reason but probably when I discovered fantasy football I started liking it immediately(dropping pro wrestling as real sport of choice).

Coincidentally this is when Matt Millen took over. The man single handed ruined the Lions well pretty much up until now.

I couldn't have said it better than:
Ryan Terpstra - MLive

who talks about how undefeated Michigan and Michigan State fans had to listen to his commentary when the two played each other this year. "You're taking what is sure to be a ratings-winner in the Midwest area, and you're forcing people to have to listen to the spewings of a man who destroyed professional football in the state." So true, I would rather not watch.

And it continues:
"To me and hundreds of thousands of fans out there, Matt Millen holds less credibility than the drunk down at the other end of the bar. Anyone can epically destroy a professional football franchise. Actually, I take that back. No other human has ever been worse at what he did in the NFL than Matt Millen was. So maybe he's the only one who could do it that poorly. So at least he's got that going for him.

The guy's a joke, and you ESPN, should be ashamed for spitting in the face of a state that simply wants to watch two good teams play in what should be a very exciting game. You pulled Craig James for a Texas Tech broadcast last year due to "bias" reasons. Can you not treat the fans of Michigan with the same respect? We despise Matt Millen, and he knows it. His analysis falls on deaf ears, and I'm sure he holds no love for us either."

I'm going to pretend to be Matt Millen and make decisions with the power of captain Hindsight.

Captain Hindsight, the hero of the modern age. A freak accident gave him the amazing power of extraordinary hindsight.

Onto it:

Round 1:
18. Detroit Lions - Jeff Backus, G Michigan

My Pick:
32. San Diego Chargers - Drew Brees - QB Purdue

Also could of had:
21. Buffalo Bills - Nate Clements, CB Ohio State
44. Carolina Panthers - Kris Jenkins - DT Maryland
48. New England - Matt Light - OT Purdue

Some other high profile names that went here - Deuce McAllister, Todd Heap, Reggie Wayne. Chad Ochocinco. If the Lions had Drew Brees, they wouldn't have drafted a terrible Joey Blue Skies or an injury prone Matthew Stafford and instead gotten a pro bowl caliber QB. Clements and Jenkins are also tempting as they are still staples at their position. Light's been protecting Tom Brady for years so he can't be bad.

Round 2: 50. Detroit Lions - Dominic Raiola - C Nebraska

My Pick:
52. Miami Dolphins - Chris Chambers - WR Wisconsin

Also could of had:
58. Buffalo Bills - Travis Henry - RB Tennessee
60. Tennessee Titans - Andre Dyson - CB Utah

Dyson and Henry had good years, Chambers has been consistent. Is it sad to say Raiola might have been a good pick? He's started all these years.

Round 2: 61. Detroit Lions - Shaun Rogers - DT Texas

My Pick:
64. Arizona Cardinals - Adrian Wilson - S North Carolina State

Also could of had:
63. Philadelphia Eagles - Derrick Burgess - DE Mississippi
100. Cincinnati Bengals - Rudi Johnson - RB Auburn

Rogers had some great years, but then started cashing it in. If he had Wilson or Burgess here, the Lions would have been much happier.

Round 5: 148. Detroit Lions - Scotty Anderson - WR Grambling

My Pick:
204. Cincinnati Bengals - T.J. Houshmandzadeh - WR Oregon State

Also could of had:
New Orleans Saints - Michael Lewis WR

Two wide receivers is probably not a good thing in a draft, but they did get one so there must have been some need at this point. And they would be that much better of with TJ whoseyourmomma over Anderson.

Round 5: 149. Detroit Lions - Mike McMahon - QB Rutgers

My Pick:
Undrafted - Miami Dolphins - Adewale Ogunleye DE

They didn't need McMahon, let's be honest. For a 3rd string QB, I guess that's where you draft one, in the 5th round. But again would have been much better off with anything else.

Round 6: 173. Detroit Lions - Jason Glenn - LB Texas A&M

Washington Redskins - Antonio Pierce LB

I don't remember if Jason Glenn was productive or not. He started one game in his career. Tight. Antonio Pierece on the other hand: 686 career tackles and started every game he played last year for the Giants.


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