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RE-drafting the Lions - 2002

Yes, this is Matt Millen. The only """Expert""" picking Carolina, who wound up losing to Dallas 21-7.

Interesting article here about Roy Williams blasting the Lions offensive line for their woes and praising ex president Matt Millen. I've never wanted the Lions to destroy Dallas more than this week. Williams goes on to say the Lions are cursed but will some day become the Saints and win it from the cellar.

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This one is a blessed article the day Millen got canned.
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2002 - The year of the blue skies

Round 1:
Lions Pick - 3. Joey Harrington QB Oregon

My Pick:
11. Indianapolis - Dwight Freeney DE Syracuse

Also could of had:(in order how I would take them)
15. Tennessee - Albert Haynesworth DT Tennessee
24. Baltimore - Edward Reed S Miami
8. Dallas - Roy Williams S Oklahoma
26. Philadelphia - Lito Sheppard CB Florida
7. Minnesota - Bryant McKinnie OT Miami
9. Jacksonville - John Henderson DT Tennessee
14. NY Giants - Jeremy Shockey TE Miami (Fla)
20. Green Bay - Javon Walker WR Florida State

Harrington suffered some of the same problems that David Carr did though not getting sacked as much as Carr, Harrington had a nasty habit of throwing to wrong team. (70 turnovers in 4 years.)

Freeney has had 90 sacks since 2002, while the Lions combined have had 270 in that period. That's about a third, and Freeney has missed 10 games in his career.

You can make a real strong argument for Haynesworth or Reed. The Lions had a bigger need at DE, thus the next pick they made. Reed became a shut down corner which was also a need. Clearly so many choices would have been better than Joey here.

Round 2:
Lions Pick - 35. Kalimba Edwards DE South Carolina

My Pick:
44. New Orleans - LeCharles Bentley C Ohio State

Also could of had:
58. Philadelphia - Michael Lewis SS Colorado
51. Denver - Clinton Portis RB Miami
37. Dallas - Andre Gurode C Colorado

Ick, just ick. Edwards started 22 games in 6 years. Did get 25 sacks which seems way too high.

Some really mediocre WR's taken in this round: Deion Branch, Randle El, Antonio Bryant, Josh Reed, Reche Caldwell, Andre Davis, Jabar Gaffney.

Two time pro-bowler Bentley started every game of his career for the Saints until a torn tendon knocked him out of football.

Round 3:
Lions Pick - 68. Andre' Goodman DB South Carolina

My Pick:
94. Pittsburgh - Chris Hope S Florida State

Also could of had:
91. Philadelphia - Brian Westbrook RB Villanova
73. Carolina - Will Witherspoon OLB Georgia

Goodman couldn't stay on the field, played about 40 games in 4 years. 5 interceptions in 40 games wasn't great.

Future Lions QB Josh McCown was taken in this round, Hope or Witherspoon would have been the pick here in hindsight.

Round 4:
Lions Pick - 134. John Taylor DE Montana State

My Pick:
108. Jacksonville David Garrard QB East Carolina

Also could of had:
Not much, Najeh Davenport was drafted here. The Lions drafted 4 picks apart.

They technically couldn't have got Garrard here as this was a compensation pick. At least Garrard is in the NFL and starting..... Joey Harrington.

Round 5:
Lions Pick - 138. John Owens TE Notre Dame

My Pick:
156. Green Bay - Aaron Kampman DE Iowa

Also could of had:
154. NY Jets - Jonathon Goodwin C Michigan
160. Washington - Robert Royal TE Louisiana State

Owens is in the NFL! At least of 2009, the man was on the Seahawks. Actually left for 4 years and came back to the Lions in 07. Career best was 50 yards and 8 started games.

Round 6:
Lions Pick - 175. Chris Cash CB USC

My Pick:
207. Baltimore - Chester Taylor RB Toledo

Also could of had:
Another ex Lions QB
186. New Orleans - John Thomas O'Sullivan QB California-Davis

The other Adrian Peterson was available who is still on the Bears 8 years later.
Jeb Putzier was highly touted for being a round 6 pick, but that was all hype.

Round 7:
Lions Picks -
214. Luke Staley RB Brigham Young
252. Matt Murphy TE Maryland
259. Victor Rogers G Colorado

My Picks:
Bart Scott - Baltimore LB Detroit
James Harrison - Pittsburgh LB Akron
Ronald Curry - Oakland WR Hampton VA


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