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Breaking down the Ninja Turtles


I loved TMNT in elementary school. Even now they hold a special place for me. In case you’ve been living in a closet, here is a rundown of the characters.

Probably the focal point of the group. A very troubled individual who constantly fought the others. Didn’t handle being a teenage freak very well. Awesome sais. He was a bad ass in the new one.

Biggest pizza lover of the group. A partier who was probably the weakest of the group. But he had nun-chucks, which are sweet.

The sword turtle. Probably my favorite. He was a leader and a goody two shoes. Fought a bit with Raph but probably the best fighter.

The inventor who carried around a bo staff. I liked him in the first movie, but they changed him in the later two.

The Shredder
The lead protagonist in the whole universe. In the cartoon he had worse and worse ideas as time went along. In the movies he was done in by chugging mutagen and then bringing a dock upon himself. Sweet fighter in the movies, but useless in the cartoon.

Master Splinter
A rat in the movie, but an old man in the cartoon/comic. Either way he had The Shredder to blame for his misfortune. In either story, he ended up in the sewer where he raised the turtles and turned into a rat.

April O’Neal
The only female to be found for a majority of the time. April wore bright yellow in the cartoon and was played by different actresses in the movies. She was useful for finding information for the turtles, but would often get herself in trouble.

The Foot Clan/Foot Soldiers
A bunch of crappy teenagers in the movies. A bunch of crappy robots in the cartoon/comic. Basically just fodder to raise the turtles self esteem.

Casey Jones
A hockey mask wearing vigilante. Ended up getting involved with the turtles and since they had the same purpose, he joined them.

A living brain from Dimension X. In the cartoon he argued with the Shredder about giving Krang a body for many episodes. He ended up getting a body, but not in the brain area, but in the pelvic area. Seem to eventually get everything he wanted, but his plans were just as bad as Shredders.

A pizza delivery boy who was very noble. In TMNT 2 he discovered the turtles and took it pretty well. He decided to help them take down the foot.

Shredder found two gang members to be turned into mutant animals. Bebop was a warthog. They had such promise, but they were still just as stupid as ever. They were strong and grunted like animals, but they were slow and dumb.

The second gang-banger mutant. A rhino who was just as worthless as Bebop. I always thought he was the stronger one but I base that off of absolutely nothing. I don’t think they ever did anything useful.

Baxter Stockman
Scientist lackey who constantly failed the Shredder until Shredder got him fed up and tried disintegrating him. Instead of blowing him up though he turned him into a fly where he despised both Shredder and the Turtles.

Created by Baxter Stockman to find and destroy the turtles. Probably the scariest of the turtles enemies as their numbers were huge and they managed to do some damage.

The Rat King
As his name implies, he had control over Splinter. He would occasional fight alongside the turtles but the most part he was a bad guy who took control of rats.

Don’t remember much about this alligator mutant except that he came from the jungle and liked to yell “I Guaaaarannnteee”.

General Traag and the dimension X warriors
Krang made such a fuss over getting his rock warriors over from Dimension X. To be fair, they would have wiped the floor with everyone. They talk slow for aliens. Like all bad guys though they get defeated pretty handily by teenagers.

The Frogs
They had funny accents, as I believe they were French. Shredder tried tricking them into thinking the turtles were evil. They believed him at first despite having nothing to go on which seems to prove that both
A. Frogs are dumb.
B. The French are dumb.

The second in command to Shredder in the movies. Didn’t talk much, but his lines were phenomenal. “Ninja vanish.!” He growled a lot.

Tokka and Rahzar
Replacements for Bebop and Rocksteady in the second movie. They didn’t talk much except for “Master said have fun”, but they were strong. They were babies though and very slow. Tokka the turtle got stuck in a manhole cover, while Rahzar noticed they were being tricked by the turtles when the turtles tried feeding the duo anti-mutagen.

The Technodrome really isn’t a character, but it is a kick ass mobile fortress with a missile shooting eye. It can electrocute, dig tunnels. Well that might be about it, but it’s got a missile!


  1. Raphael is the best fighter, not Leo.

  2. cool story bro tbh

  3. Raphael is indeed by far the best fighter.


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