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45 Websites To Check Out

15 - Seldom known ones
15 - Useful ones
15 - Fun ones

Few to get you started -
Flash movies about Shakespeare, just hilarious. - Romeo and Juliet - Hamlet

Music Finder - Free music. Enter a song or artist and if it finds it, it will offer it up.

Entertaining - Funny stories about how bad peoples lives are.

Seldom Known Websites -
I make to-do lists all the time, but writing them down is so 20th century. Instead, use this application so you don't have to carry a piece of paper. You can get alerts via IMs, email and texts.

I've had nasty viruses in my time, but this website was my savior. It can fix your PC if it's acting up. It also has some utilities you can get to help back up and repair.

Forget about installing, signing on and opening AIM, MSN and Yahoo. Instead do all at once with a web browser. You can make a master list of everyone you know and it will access them all automatically.

Become a private eye. A people search engine that will find and list results from different networking sites (ex: Myspace, Bebo, LinkedIn). You can create a Wink profile as well.

If you like watching random videos, then this site is for you. The power of YouTube/College Humor/etc all at once. It lists the most popular videos from different sites. Not good if you are looking for something specific, if you are then use Dabble.

Look at your friends virtual bookshelves, track what books and kinds of books you have so you don't forget if you someday go to a 4 story book store and can't remember if you bought one in particular. You may find someone with similar taste which will lead to finding your next book.

Shopping list or wish list application which lets you keep track of different goods you want, you can save a product from your favorite shopping site and it will be added to your list with a link/picture/price. It will make things easier for people shopping for you during Christmas.

Going on a trip? Want to check out some unique/quirky things? This website is your reference for all the unusual things you wouldn't normally see. You could see the largest fungus in the world (here in Michigan), or you could check out the birthplace of Koolaid.

If you like bargains, then this is for you. It has deals, coupons and free stuff ranging in all different categories. It gets updated often and can save you money, what more could you ask.

Who needs a bartender when you have a website…?!? It can keep track of your friends and drinks. This website lets you search, share and talk about different drinks. The best part though is you can type in what drinks you have available and it will give you drink recipes which can be a giant time saver if you are me.

You only have one homepage, psshh. With this site you can set up a customized home page with instant access to multiple pages at once. Now I can access all my sports teams, fantasy teams and myspace all at once.

A clever and witty blog by a photographer who has some good ideas. I like him because he's nerdy and likes Starwars and Ghostbusters.

Has TV listings and gives you personal recommendations on shows you might want to watch, based on shows or stars that you already enjoy. You can also create channels based on your own interests; type in a keyword, and you'll get videos, news, gossip, and show listings based around it.

A little more than a web-radio music player. You can narrow what kind of music you want to listen to by genre, year, popularity and mood. It creates a linked chart of songs to fit what you selected. It's interesting to see what connections it makes between songs. It seems easy to find music.

Ever want to know what they make Arby's sauce out of, or want to cook your own? This is a neat website with recipes you can make at home that you would normally have to buy. We already made one which was pretty good. Not everything is free though.

Useful Websites -
1. - Access personal stuff from any computer, files, music, videos, buddy lists.

2. - Aggregates search results from Google, Yahoo and YouTube and organizes them.

3. - Discover new songs at this Digg like music streaming service.

4. - Keeps you up to date with friends by combining data from Facebook, Twitter...

5. - Like Twitter, but also lets you share images and video clips.

6. - Event planning website with many features, similar to Evite.

7. - Upload pictures from anywhere and create scrapbooks, can add videos too.

8. - Take a quiz and it will tell you how your views line up with canidates.

9. - Mapping site which will tell you a destination in the middle.

10. - Check nutrition info for just about every restaurant chain.

11. - This site can tell you how to clean anything.

12. - Find out how much it costs to replace anything on a car.

13. - Tell the website what you have in your kitchen and it will suggest recipes.

14. - Find out when to buy your plane ticket.

15. - Are you paying too much for your phone bill? Go here.

Fun, Time Blowing Websites -
1. - Twisted video sketches done by the CollegeHumor people.

2. - Time wasting portal, many flash games.

3. - Old timey web comic with twisted Victorian era characters.

4. - Lets users build playlists out of their favorite tracks, and you can share them.

5. - Put your typing skills to the test with a chance to win prizes.

6. - If you find facts interesting, you go here.

7. - You've only got 160 words to weigh in on a movie, book, music, or game.

8. - User generated rumor/gossip/news site.

9. - Weird photos broken down.

10. - Citizens get to write news themselves. Both political and funny.

11. - Open source sports network, lets everyone be a sports journalist.

12. - Find a book you'd like to read, then receive it in email chunks.

13. - Tracks the top videos removed from YouTube for copyright violation.

14. - Well written, clever and frequently updated gaming blog.

15. - Fun visual representations of photos.


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38. Sakura-Tribe Scout/Skyshroud Ranger

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