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The 30 Coolest Magic Dragons (20-11)

The 30 Coolest Magic Dragons (30-21)

Honorable Mention: Chromium
 photo Chromium_zps989eaef3.jpg
The elder dragons are interesting. At least they make good commanders. 8 mana for a 7/7 these days with a required upkeep cost isn't all that special. Rampage isn't terribly useful. Nicol Bolas has a much better ability, but the art (and color combination) isn't as great, and the older art is even worse.

20. Ryusei, the Falling Star
I like all 5 of these dragon spirits. The art is sweet but most importantly, the abilities are all fairly unique. A 6 mana earthquake is quite the price to pay for killing this guy.
Kokusho, the Evening Star and Yosei, the Morning Star are better cards, but aren't nearly as cool.

19. Scion of the Ur-Dragon
Despite the insane casting cost, this guy could be really useful. In a multi-color dragon deck, this thing is golden. Copying different dragons every turn is a nice flexible ability. There is some nice flavor text on these next few. Play a whole cycle of Planar Chaos dragons just to fit whatever you want to do!

18. Shivan Dragon
 photo ShivanDragon_zps40d498f8.jpg
Grand pappy. This original artwork is some of the best in the whole game. Such a simple powerful card. Dragons have come a long ways though. Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon is now a thing.

17. Hellkite Igniter
 photo HellkiteIgniter_zps5faad1cc.jpg
Haste is always kinda cool on large fliers. An unprepared opponent almost always takes some form of damage. This one also is extra powerful in an artifact deck. Hellkite Charger is just as good, but doesn't have the flaming gas this one does.

16. Preyseizer Dragon
 photo PreyseizerDragon_zps5c3c9f2f.jpg
Devour is kind of like gambling. Throwing all your eggs into one pot. This particular dragon is better than other creatures with this ability(or Kilnmouth) by getting a Shock thrown on to it by the simple sacrifice of one creature. And by taking 2 creatures, this thing becomes a bomb.

15. Flameblast Dragon
 photo FlameblastDragon_zps5020be05.jpg
Actually very similar to Preyseizer, though instead of sacrificing creatures, you have to pay mana every turn. I like the flexibility of this much more. Also considered Niv-Mizzet which is slightly worse as a Jayemdae Tomb than a Fireball.

14. Volcanic Dragon
 photo VolcanicDragon_zps57579235.jpg
This guy gets bonus points for the super fantastic artwork. It is very vanilla as far as a dragon goes, not that it's a bad card.

13. Stormbreath Dragon
Triumphs Volcanic Dragon undoubtedly. Pro White can be really annoying. The extra Monstrosity ability - even just doing 2 extra damage can just be game over.

12. Bogardan Hellkite
 photo BogardanHellkite_zpsc3588497.jpg
It's a Boulderfall!!! ...with a 5/5 flashing flying dragon attached to it. Yes, Boulderfall is terrible for 8 mana, but I think the creature attached makes this thing a horse.

11. Dragon Broodmother
Such a bizarre casting cost. An Assemble the Legion variant. Mama doesn't dominate the game immediately like Stormbreath, but she does present a rather large problem.


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39. Skyshroud Elite

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38. Sakura-Tribe Scout/Skyshroud Ranger

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