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10 Best It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episodes

This show is amazing. There are only a handful that I don't really get as a whole episode, but there are fantastical elements of each. I was told to watch it for years, and when I did I blasted through them and haven't looked back. I have my ten favorite, but I am going to list about 10 as Honorable Mentions - so it's kind of like a top 20 list that I had a hard time narrowing down.

Underage Drinking: A National Concern - The gang reverts to their old ways.
Charlie Wants an Abortion - Dennis crosses the abortion fence during a dual protest.
Hundred Dollar Baby - One of the few Dee only story lines. Something about eating babies.
The Gang Gets Invincible - McBoyles brother reunion while the gang tries to make the Eagles.
Mac is a Serial Killer - One of the greatest endings, not to mention the clown dress up.
Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person - Nightman is born.
The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis - Wildcard!
The Gang Buys a Boat - Dennis trying to explain himself to Mac and Dee's dancing gets me.
Dennis Gets Divorced - It's going around so sayeth Charlie Kelly.
The High School Reunion - We get the cricket, the waitress and an uber drunk song by the gang.
Who Pooped the Bed?  - A Clue like tale.

10. Thunder Gun Express
 photo ThunderGunExpress_zps2ac03d3d.jpg
It was really hard picking these bottom two(9 and 10) but I feel like this one has the perfect setup - one by one they abandon one another until most of the gang end up at their movie destination just in time to get hosed. Just great symmetry here.

9. The Nightman Cometh
The perfect ending to the season, and if this was the last episode ever they might have gone out on top. Franks in-ability to sing tied in with Dee adding her own song(that I hum to myself all the time) in addition adding in Macs comedic Nightman make up an incredible episode.

8. Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games
 photo ChardeeMacDennisTheGameofGames_zpsf4511a5a.jpg
One of the better later episodes where the gang plays a board game they created and as usual they need to explain everything to Frank. It of course involves drinking, cheating, mutilation and the greatest tiebreaker of all-  a roll of the die.

7. The Gang Gives Back
 photo TheGangGivesBack_zps1e9dcd64.jpg
After being sentenced to community service for the Jihad episode the gang ends up coaching youth basketball. Charlie winds up in AA and convinces the waitress to sponsor him. Their cheating and bafoonry doesn't end up qualifying as time serviced to the community.

6. Mac's Big Break
 photo MacsBigBreak_zpsc343cb84.jpg
Mac answers a hockey question right on the air, so he gets a break in front of a game to make a shot and win so called fame in their eyes. Too bad Mac can't even skate. This has one of the funniest endings.

5. The D.E.N.N.I.S. System
 photo TheDENNISSystem_zps2b480e7f.jpg
We learn of Dennis's system of picking up women only to find out Mac and Frank have their own as well. At the same time they all think Dee is getting played despite being in the complete opposite situation. Wanting to prove his system works, he hatches an elaborate plan.

4. Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack
Sweet Dee learns her medical care never existed so she and Dennis attempt to get back into a fitness routine though they never seem to get into it. Charlie and Mac accept minimum wage jobs for the health care benefits only to get fired very shortly after.

3. The Gang Gets Held Hostage
The McPoyles take over the bar along with their sister using fake guns. The gang falls for it right in the middle of Frank trying to shred his will. Hijinx ensue consisting of Dee falling to Stockholm syndrome and Dennis trying to make it with the sister. Frank eventually kind of saves the day.

2. Who Got Dee Pregnant?
Dee tells the men that one of them got her pregnant, so they try to get to the bottom of it. The issue is that they were all partly drunk, so everyone has their own version of the story. To get to the bottom of it they enlist Artemis and eventually the McPoyles.

1. The Gang Dances Their Asses Off
I think it's my favorite episode for numerous reasons. Charlie puts the bar up for ownership to the winner of a dance contest because he can't read. Frank is in the middle of determining everyone's rank so instead of working together they are each vying for ownership to declare themselves the number one. The waitress and cricket get involved and they all end up losing the bar.


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