Friday, January 28, 2011

RE-drafting the Lions - 2010


Best for last-har. 2nd pick overall even though we lost to the Rams who wound up picking first. Didn't matter much as we drafted the so called greatest talent in years.

First round
Lions Pick:
2: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

Boy did he make an impact. Pro-Bowl. Ndamukong Suh, 10 sacks, an interception, a touchdown. Completely revamped the Lions D-Line and improved the defense. Can't argue at the moment that the Lions hit.

Lions Pick:
31: Javhid Best, RB, Cal
The Lions traded up four picks to grab someone Schwartz was in love with.
Scored 5 of his 6 touchdowns in the first 2 games. Kept hearing turf toe and never looked right all year. Over a thousand total yards though. No concussion, and did look real quick in spots.

My Pick:
At the time, I would have picked either:
17. (49) 49ers - Mays, Taylor FS
11. (43) Ravens - Kindle, Sergio DE

But shows what I know, Kindle fell down the stairs and didn't play a snap, Mays lost his job when he couldn't cover anyone. Charles Brown didn't go until the saints at the end of round 2, but he couldn't make it on to the field.

Also could of had:
4. (36) Chiefs - McCluster, Dexter RB
10. (42) Patriots - Gronkowski, Rob TE
12. (44) Raiders - Houston, Lamarr DT
15. (47) Cardinals - Washington, Daryl LB

Third round
Lions Pick:
66: Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa

My Pick:
8. (106) Raiders - Campbell, Bruce OT

Also could of had:
2. (100) Vikings - Griffen, Everson DE
3. (101) Buccaneers - Williams, Mike WR
15. (113) Patriots - Hernandez, Aaron TE

Spievey was a needed position, played 16 games, got 2 picks, played better as the season went on. That said, Cambell was a great prospect at round 4. Mike Williams had the best rookie WR year since Randy Moss.

Fourth round
Lions Pick:
128: Jason Fox, OT, Miami

My Pick:
24. (193) Packers - Starks, James RB

Mr. Starks has replaced Ryan Grant as the Packers RB, and the Pack has leaned on him in the playoffs. It would be hard to argue with him over any Lions RB at this point.

Seventh round
Lions Picks:
213: Willie Young, DE, North Carolina State
255: Tim Toone, WR/PR, Weber State

No linebackers, but George Selvie DE Rams (226) would have made a better pick than Young, who didn't really see the field. Toone was Mr. irrelevant and I'm not commenting on UDFA.

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