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RE-drafting the Lions - 2009


2009 - Detroit Lions
Round 1
1. (1) Matthew Stafford QB Georgia
1. (20) Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State

My picks -
15 (15) Texans - Cushing, Brian OLB
23 (23) Ravens - Oher, Michael OT

Also Could of had -
4 (4) Seahawks - Curry, Aaron OLB
5 (5) Jets - Sanchez, Mark QB
9 (9) Packers - Raji, B.J. DT
13 (13) Redskins - Orakpo, Brian DE
14 (14) Saints - Jenkins, Malcolm CB
17 (17) Buccaneers - Freeman, Josh QB
19 (19) Eagles - Maclin, Jeremy WR
22 (22) Vikings - Harvin, Percy WR
26 (26) Packers - Matthews, Clay OLB

Not picking Stafford wouldn't change the current state of the Lions too much. He hasn't been on the field much. The question is, how much better would the Lions be with the 09 defensive player of the year and the top offensive lineman in the draft? Pettigrew has been solid and got targets but had injury problems last year and his ability to catch and run after the catch are suspect.

Round 2
2. (33) Louis Delmas DB Western Michigan

My pick - Same

Also Could of had -
10 (42) Bills- Byrd, Jairus CB
2 (34) Patriots - Chung, Patrick SS
3. (35) Rams - Laurinaitis, James ILB
5. (37) Broncos - Smith, Alphonso CB
6. (38) Bengals - Maualuga, Rey ILB
29. (61) Dolphins - Smith, Sean
1. (65) Jets - Greene, Shonn RB
5. (69) Cowboys - Williams, Jason OLB

Here is where the Lions started making some wise moves. You can't argue with the selection of Delmas, he started to transform the Lions defense.

Round 3
3. (76) DeAndre Levy LB Wisconsin
3. (82) Derrick Williams WR Penn State

My pick -
20. (84) Steelers - Wallace, Mike WR

Also Could of had -
13. (77) Texans - Caldwell, Antoine OG
17. (81) Buccaneers - Miller, Roy DT
31. (95) Cardinals - Johnson, Rashad S
7. (107) Jaguars - Thomas, Mike WR
11. (111) Panthers - Goodson, Mike RB
12. (112) Texans - Quin, Glover CB

Fine with Levy, he looks like the real deal. Williams on the other hand looks like a bust. Wallace on the other hand is a monster, and so close to drafting him.

Round 4
4. (115) Sammie Lee Hill DT Stillman

My pick -
21. (121) Bills - Nelson, Shawn TE

Also Could of had -
24. (124) Raiders - Murphy, Louis WR
27. (127) Colts - Collie, Austin WR
4. (140) Bears - Knox, Johnny WR
36. (172) Cowboys - Buehler, David K
37. (173) Titans - Ringer, Javon RB
6. (179) Bengals - Trent, Morgan CB
7. (180) Jaguars - Miller, Zach TE

Knox and Collie are very tempting, but after drafting Wallace, they would be okay here. Ringer would be a decent number 2, but better than Brown? Murphy also has had some hype. But if they still had a hole at TE for not drafting Pettigrew, then Miller or Nelson would be the way.

Round 6
6. (192) Aaron Brown RB Texas Christian

My pick -
36. (209) Bengals - Scott, Bernard RB

Also Could of had -
24. (197) Cowboys - Hodge, Stephen SS
28. (201) Colts - Painter, Curtis QB
30. (203) Titans - McCourty, Jason CB

McCourty has about 60 tackles and a few interceptions, okay for a late 6th rounder. Brown is exciting, as a pre-season player. His value as a return man is more valuable. Scott is a good back up RB, 600 yards in 2 yards isn't shabby.

Round 7
7. (228) Lydon Murtha T Nebraska
7. (235) Zack Follett LB California
7. (255) Dan Gronkowski TE Maryland

My picks -
Arian Foster, RB Tennessee
41. (250) Jaguars - Jennings, Rashad RB
Dannell Ellerbe, LB

Ashlee Palmer was an undrafted steal. But Foster was even more so. Ellerbe would be good depth for the Lions at this moment in history.


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