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RE-drafting the Lions - 2006


Just as bad as 2005, kind of a throw away draft yet again setting the Lions back. One average Linebacker, average Tackle and everything else was junk.

Round 1
1 - 9 Ernie Sims OLB Florida State

My Pick: 19 - Antonio Cromartie CB Florida State San Diego Chargers

Also could of had:
11 - Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt Denver Broncos
12 - Haloti Ngata DT Oregon Baltimore Ravens
23 - Davin Joseph G Oklahoma Tampa Bay Buccaneers
27 - DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis Carolina Panthers
28 - Marcedes Lewis TE UCLA Jacksonville Jaguars
29 - Nick Mangold C Ohio State New York Jets
30 - Joseph Addai RB Louisiana State Indianapolis Colts
33 - DeMeco Ryans MLB Alabama Houston Texans

I was pissed with the Lions for making this pick. Sims wasn't an early first rounder in most mock drafts. I had him going like 15-16. So when the Lions picked him 9 I didn't know much about him. I was all on the Cutler bandwagon. Cutler might have been a better choice, Cromartie was even better. There was lots of talent here. Couldn't have gone wrong with either running back.

Round 2
2 - 40 Daniel Bullocks SS Nebraska

My Pick: 60 - Maurice Jones-Drew RB UCLA Jacksonville Jaguars

Also could of had:
43 - Roman Harper SS Alabama New Orleans Saints
50 - Marcus McNeill T Auburn San Diego Chargers
52 - Greg Jennings WR Western Michigan Green Bay Packers
57 - Devin Hester DB Miami Chicago Bears

Bullocks had 2 years in the NFL, 1 sack, no interceptions...ehhh. With the trade of linebacker Ernie Sims earlier in the offseason and release of safety Daniel Bullocks, not a single Detroit Lions player remains from five consecutive years of drafts (2002-06). Hester is headed for the hall of fame, Jennings is amazing, MJD has over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns.

Round 3
3 - 74 Brian Calhoun RB Wisconsin

My Pick: 108 - Jahri Evans G Bloomsburg New Orleans Saints

Also could of had:
79 - Jerious Norwood RB Mississippi State Atlanta Falcons
98 - Owen Daniels TE Wisconsin Houston Texans
117 - Leon Washington RB Florida State New York Jets
118 - Stephen Gostkowski K Memphis New England Patriots
119 - Brandon Marshall WR Central Florida Denver Broncos
126 - Elvis Dumervil DE Louisville Denver Broncos

Remember MJD's 5000 yards, Calhoun....50 yards. Nope, can't make that up. Evans has started every game since 06 for the Saints.

Round 5
5 - 141 Jonathan Scott T Texas

My Pick: 145 - Jerome Harrison RB Washington State Cleveland Browns

Also could of had:
155 - Jeff King TE Virginia Tech Carolina Panthers

Not a great round for talent. The lions did decent with Scott.

Round 6
6 - 179 Dee McCann CB West Virginia

My Pick: 215 - Cortland Finnegan DB Samford Tennessee Titans

Also could of had:
194 - Bruce Gradkowski QB Toledo Tampa Bay Buccaneers
207 - Antoine Bethea SS Howard Indianapolis Colts

Finnegan and Bethea were good secondary players, the Lions just missed on one of them.

Round 7
7 - 217 Fred Matua G USC
7 - 247 Anthony Cannon LB Tulane

My Pick: 252 - Marques Colston WR Hofstra New Orleans Saints
Miles Austin - WR

Also could of had:
246 - Quinton Ganther RB Utah Tennessee Titans
249 - Ben Obomanu WR Auburn Seattle Seahawks

Good wide receivers to be found at the end of this draft. I don't blame the Lions for drafting who they did at this point.


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