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RE-drafting the Lions - 2004


This one ought to be fun. Two first rounders, Kevin Jones... not sure if he's in the league anymore and Roy Williams and his first down arm.

Jones was hurt near the end and had the same terrible offensive line we have now, but he just didn't live up to his draft position.

Williams on the other hand was talented. We ripped off Dallas by trading him for a 1 and a 3. Probably the best receiver since Morton. That first down thing that he does when being down 3 touchdowns was infuriating. Had some good Kitna years, but at the end he couldn't catch simple crossing routes as those poor Cowboys learned last weekend.

Round 1 - 7. Roy Williams WR Texas

My Pick - 14. Chicago - Tommie Harris, DT Oklahoma

Also could of had -
8. Atlanta - DeAngelo Hall, CB Virginia Tech
11. Pittsburgh - Ben Roethlisberger, QB Miami
12. NY Jets - Jonathan Vilma, LB Miami
16. Philadelphia - Shawn Andrews, OT Arkansas
18. New Orleans - Will Smith, DE Ohio State
21. New England - Vince Wilfork, DT Miami
24. St. Louis - Steven Jackson, RB Oregon State

Harris has had some problems, but 27 sacks? Take it. Jackson would be a no brainer. Wilfork wasn't as good, but the Lions need a nose tackle at this point.

Round 1 - 30. Kevin Jones RB Virginia Tech

My Pick -
34. NY Giants - Chris Snee, G Boston College

Also could of had -
32. New England - Ben Watson, TE Georgia
33. Arizona - Karlos Dansby, OLB Auburn

Round 2 - 37. Teddy Lehman OLB Oklahoma

My Pick -
44. Indianapolis - Bob Sanders, S Iowa

Also could of had -
43. Dallas - Julius Jones, RB Notre Dame
50. New Orleans - Devery Henderson, WR LSU
57. Tennessee - Antwan Odom, DE Alabama
62. Carolina - Keary Colbert, WR USC
64. Arizona - Darnell Dockett, DT Florida State
65. San Diego - Nate Kaeding, K Iowa
66. San Diego - Nick Hardwick, C Purdue

Bob Sanders has been beast when on the field. Lehman has the same injury problems with half the talent.

Round 3 - 73. Keith Smith CB McNeese State

My Pick - 81. Washington from - Chris Cooley, TE Utah State

Also could of had -
90. Atlanta - Matt Schaub, QB Virginia
110. Chicago - Nathan Vasher, CB Texas
119. Minnesota - Mewelde Moore RB
126. Kansas City - Jared Allen, DE Idaho State
137. Jacksonville - Josh Scobee, K Louisiana Tech

Of course you can make the argument for Allen, but by not drafting Williams, you would need some more fire power for Mr. Brees here. Smith was okay but shut down corner he is never.

Round 5 - 140. Alex Lewis LB Wisconsin

My Pick -
154. San Diego - Michael Turner, RB Northern Illinois

Also could of had -
157. Seattle - D.J. Hackett, WR Colorado

Not a great round for anyone save Turner. Turner the burner.

Round 6 - 172. Kelly Butler T Purdue

My Pick - Wes Welker WR

Also could of had - Jeff Smoker? Smoker the Coker.
188. San Francisco - Andy Lee, P Pittsburgh
Tony Romo QB
Willie Parker RB
Mat McBriar P
Jason Peters OT
Kris Dielman G

Parker, Welker and Romo were all great finds. Welker is feisty.


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