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RE-drafting the Lions - 2005


Another Top 10 pick, what a shock. Wasted pick in another wide receiver. If Charles Rogers didn't send this organization back enough years, Mike Williams sure did. Williams is having his best year this year, but for Seattle. He couldn't even make it on the field for the Lions despite being the third WR taken in the top 10. You could probably argue Troy Williamson and Braylon Edwards were just as big of busts. But at least Edwards has shown potential despite his dropsies.

This whole draft was a waste and one of the reasons the Lions have been in such dismay.

Round 1
1-10 Mike Williams WR USC

My Pick:
13. New Orleans Saints - Jamaal Brown, OT Oklahoma

Also could of had:
11. Dallas Cowboys - Demarcus Ware*, DE Troy State
12. San Diego Chargers - Shawne Merriman, DE Maryland
24. Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rogers, QB California
27. Atlanta Falcons - Roddy White, WR UAB
30. Pittsburgh Steelers - Heath Miller*, TE Virginia
32. New England Patriots - Logan Mankins, OG Fresno State

There was talent to be had here if the Lions looked harder. Rogers turned out to be the better QB than Alex Smith. Roddy White was the best WR in the draft. Merriman had a few good years, Ware has been great. The Lions have always needed line help and didn't really need a WR that couldn't get on the field.

Round 2
2-37 Shaun Cody DE USC

My Pick:
19. (51) Green Bay - Nick Collins, CB Bethune-Cookman

Also could of had:
9. (41) Tennessee Titans - Michael Roos, OT Eastern Washington
13. (45) Seattle - Lofa Tatupu, ILB USC
25. (57) New York Jets - Justin Miller, CB Clemson
29. (61) San Diego Chargers - Vincent Jackson, WR Northern Colorado
1. (65) San Francisco 49ers - Frank Gore*, RB Miami (Fla)

Cody was average, having started 11 games in 4 years. Not what you want for a second rounder. 1 and a half sacks? Awful pick. Collins has the same number of sacks, and 20 interceptions to go along with it.

Round 3
3-72 Stanley Wilson DB Stanford

My Pick:
10. (74) New York Giants - Justin Tuck, DE Notre Dame

Also could of had:
13. (77) Philadelphia Eagles (from Kansas City) - Ryan Moats, RB Louisiana Tech
8. (109) Dallas Cowboys - Marion Barber, RB Minnesota
9. (110) New York Giants - Brandon Jacobs, RB Southern Illinois
13. (114) Houston Texans - Jerome Mathis, WR

Kind of a sad 3rd round, Chris Henry, Maurice Clarett. Forfeited pick by Denver(Salardy Cap).

Round 5
5-145 Dan Orlovsky QB Connecticut

My Pick:
10. (146) Philadelphia Eagles - Trent Cole, LB Cincinnati

Danny boy was average for a back up QB, but you can't blame them for trying I guess.

Round 6
6-184 Bill Swancutt DE Oregon State
6-206 Johnathan Goddard LB Marshall

My Pick:
10. (224) Dallas Cowboys - Jay Ratliff, DL Auburn
36. (250) St. Louis Rams - Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB Harvard

Also could of had:
24. (198) New York Jets - Joel Dreessen, TE Colorado State
28. (202) Indianapolis Colts - Dave Rayner, PK Michigan State
39. (213) Baltimore Ravens - Derek Anderson, QB Oregon State

Ratliff and Fitzpatrick have been getting better with age. Both starting more games and doing better. Fitzpatrick sadly leads the Bills while Ratliff has 24 sacks in his career, which aren't bad things for 7th rounders 5 years ago.

Others taken this year:
Rob Bironas PK
Josh Cribbs WR
Jon Condo LS
Heath Farwell LB
Leonard Weaver FB


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