Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Top Ten Cedar Point Rides

Top Ten Cedar Point Rides
I've gone to Cedar Point every year for the most part since middle school. Every 2-3 years they add a new ride which is usually sweet. Since I'm going again in a few weeks, I decided to list my 10 favorite rides. This is based on the following criteria - funness, scary factor and line wait. Rankings are 0-10, 10 is the best, 0 the worst.

Honorable Mention:
Sky Ride

Scare Factor - 10 - The only real thing I'm afraid of dying on. Your being held up by a clothes hanger.

Line Wait - 7 - Longer than it really should be. Kind of like a rail-less esculator if there was a 5 minute wait.

Funness - 0 - Really more of a means of transportation than a ride.

Wicked Twister

Scare Factor - 3 - The thing shakes when you go to the top, kinda freaky/cool.

Funness - 2 - You go fast, it's not over that quickly. It's fun to hang and get that weightless feeling.

Line Wait - 0 - God awful, not incredibly worth the wait.

Sky Hawk

Line Wait - 6 - Very short ride makes up for the fact that this line crawls.

Scare Factor - 4 - Something unsettling about being up there for a long time being held in by a bar.

Funness - 1 - Well its basically a larger version of the pirate ship or a swing, but you go quite high. Just over too quickly.

Max Air

Scare Factor - 8 - You are held in by nothing but the ride itself, no seatbelt. Well lets just say I've seen enough machines fail in my lifetime.

Funness - 3 - Quite alot of fun actually when you look down all the way up in the air and see nothing but the sun.

Line Wait - 3 - Such an awful wait for something that takes 40 people at once. It's not that long either.


Line Wait - 10 - Two cars, not that popular, it's the best line for what you get.

Funness - 4 - Closest thing there is to an interactive rollercoaster. It's fun beating the blue car.

Scare Factor - 2 - Not much, there are some places where you stick out your hands and it looks close. Plus it's wood/kindling holding you there.

Power tower

Scare Factor - 9 - There is always a delay before the thing rockets off. That delay (especially going down) makes me scerrrred. Plus I'm pretty sure this ride killed someone.

Line Wait - 8 - Pretty fast line due to the 4 rides going at once. Plus going up is much shorter.

Funness - 5 - Going down is awesome, going up is a joy too. But for each it's over very quickly.


Funness - 6 - Pretty fast, many loops, you can swing your feet. You get to see a great deal of the park since you spin in every direction.

Line Wait - 5 - Not great, not good, but being at the front of the park...I get it.

Scare Factor - 1 - If you can get over the feet dangly thing and the first hill, you won't have any problems.


Line Wait - 9 - Once upon a time it was bad, these days it's a walk on.

Funness - 8 - I've been on this ride so much it's lost some of it's flavor. The first drop is rocking though.

Scare Factor - 3 You have a slow rickedy drag to the top. Not easy, but once it's over then it's all fun.


Funness - 7 - One of the smoothest rollercoasters.

Line Wait - 4 - I've only been on this twice. But since it's the newest and greatest, it's not great.

Scare Factor - 0 - The newest rollercoaster that barely goes a foot above ground and even stops in the middle. No reason to fear.

Top Thrill Dragster

Funness - 10 - The most fun you can have in 30 seconds. Well almost...

Scare Factor - 7 - I would pretty much wet myself if it wasn't over faster than I can say giggity.

Line Wait - 1 - Everyone flocks here and it doesn't take too many people at once.

Millenium Force

Funness - 9 - Tallest drop other than top thrill. It's a fantastic two minute ride, probably the closest thing to thrill seeking you can get at the park with the exception of the bungee jump.

Scare Factor - 6 - The ride to the top isn't as bad as magnum, but after a point you realize you are much higher than it too.

Line Wait - 2 - Hoo boy does this take forever. Especially stuck behind two 13 year old girls that won't stop talking. Suicide for realz.


  1. Top Thrill Dragster is definitely my #1...it's the shit!! :-)


  2. I will never go on the ride... EVER! Looks so scary!!! :(

  3. It is ridiculously fun, but that line wait:ride length ratio is so crappy.

  4. Check this one out (Mr. Freeze), it's from Six Flags St. Louis. Not as high as Top Thrill, but you do go backwards.