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My top 30 Chappelle Show clips.

Well, it's been awhile. Between all my movies, video games, fantasy sports and summer activities, I haven't created a new one. Basically I'll blame facebook as it zaps most of my free internet roaming time.

What better than to rank one of the best shows of all time. I just rewatched every single episode (not the musical acts, those were bad). The man had a fantastic thing going before he let it all go. I originally wanted to do a top ten but the more I tried removing some of them, the harder it was. You would think 30 clips might seem like a bit given that it was only 2 and a third seasons, but there was lots of clips which didn't make it, and the ones on here deserve it. So without further ado...

30. Great Moments in Hookup History
A football play by play over a night of cock blocking.

29. "Law & Order" episode
Tron gets treated like a white wall street executive while the other gets treated like a black crack head.

28. I Know Black People
Game show where the black person is always correct.

27. Crazy Camera
A magical camera has special powers, but it turns out to be too good.

26. Real Movies (Pretty Woman)
Only about a minute long, and the first 58 seconds are as boring as the movie itself.

25. Zapped
Surprise video camera clip reality show. It goes downhill fast. Y'all been zapped.

24. The Niggar Family
White family named Niggar.

23. It's a Wonderful Chest
A girl is tired of her fun bags and gets a visit by someone who shows her the way.

22. Black Howard Dean
Peow! We're going to the titty bar.

21. White People Dancing
Dave and Jon Mayer break down what different races automatically dance to.

20. If the Internet Was a Real Place
Dave runs into lots of porn, penis pills and pop ups.

19. Popcopy
Why? Cause fuck em, that's why.

18. R. Kelly's "Piss On You"
Scandal proof music.

17. Haters in Time
The player haters go back in time to hate. Pretty much self explanatory.

16. The Racial Draft
Is Madonna white or jewish, this video will answer the question.

15. Wrap It Up
I totally want one of these!

14. Making the Band
P-Diddy puts his reality show band members through some unusual trials cause they can't act as a family unit.

13. Trading Spouses
Leonard Washington is the second funnies character Dave has to Silky Johnston. He trades places with a white family.

12. Real Movies (Deep Impact)
The president has some shocking news that will make you crumble.

11. Jedi Sex Scandal
It's got everything, queer jedi, yoda, vader, samuel jackson.

10. The World Series of Dice
Leonard Washington faces off against Eddie Griffin, before an anti climatic ending.

9. Samuel Jackson beer

8. A Moment in the Life of Lil Jon
This particular one is my favorite as he basically talks to the real Lil John.

7. Ask a Black Dude
My favorite Paul Money sketch. Paul does about 3 or 4 of these and 2 Negrodamus ones. This in particular attacks Stephen King.

6. True Hollywood Stories - Prince
Charlie Murphy presents his story about Prince and fruity picks. This cat can ball, and make pancakes.

5. The Wayne Brady Show
My mother in law is never gonna believe me, that's cause she aint ever gonna know about it. I'm wayne brady bitch.

4. Kneehigh Park
Sesame street on LSD.

3. The Mad Real World
Tyree and others harass the one white guy.

2. The Playa Hater's Ball
Silky Johnston hates on the world.

1. True Hollywood Stories - Rick James
Fuck your couch. The milk's gone bad!


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