Monday, September 28, 2009

It Made My Day

FMyLife is an English-language blog that serves as "a recollection of everyday anecdotes likely to happen to anyone". Posts on the site are short, user-submitted stories of unfortunate happenings that begin with "Today" and end with "FML", an abbreviation short for "fuck my life". FMyLife receives more than 1.7 million hits each day.

It Made My Day( is just like the reverse of this. At first glance, it doesn't seem like it would be entertaining or funny at all, but I found quite a few great ones.

My ten favorite:

10. Yesterday I was playing with our new daughter, and I screamed out “She said her first word!” My wife yelled back “Unless ‘Lady’ is in front of it, ‘gaga’ isn’t a word!” IMMD.

9. I was babysitting last week, and one of the kids asked the other one what “emo” meant. She said, “I think it means stupid.” IMMD.

8. I was listening to my college radio station, and they started to play a Kanye song, but then the DJ interrupted it with, “Kanye, I’ma let you finish, but” followed by silence. IMMD.

7. Today I saw a hummer parked in two spaces, with a parking ticket on the window. IMMD.

6. Yesterday I had sex, ate breakfast, saw a movie, and had sex again (same girl) all while my roommate only played World of Warcraft. IMMD.

5. Today in math class when this girl named Kristen, who thinks she’s the most popular girl in school, raised her hand to ask a question, I ran up and high-fived it. Everyone laughed. IMMD.

4. Yesterday the announcer at my kid’s little league game, instead of saying that the bases were loaded, said “All your base are belong to Craig’s Hardware and Appliance.” That’s the name of my son’s team’s sponsor. IMMD.

3. In bumper to bumper traffic, the guy in front of me was rooting around in the back seat not paying attention to the fact the guy in front of him had moved up. The guy behind me couldn’t stand the open space and passed both of us on the shoulder. A minute later Mr. Inahurry got rear-ended by Mr. Distracted. IMMD.

2. My girlfriend told me that- after watching a tv documentary on pregnancy- she never wants to have a baby, ever. IMMD

1. My 13 year old niece convinced my parents to adopt two kittens instead of one by means of a PowerPoint presentation. IMMD.