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31 Scary Movies for October (Third Annual)

Actually completed my goal of watching one Halloween related movie every day in October.
Little different ranking than last year - added Flickchart, Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes and removed the Netflix's public score. This brings our total up to 93.

1. The Exorcist
Classic, scary. Created a whole genre of movies that wanted to recreate it but never can.

2. Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn
Ash turns into a demon much more than I remember. Funnier in places but also scarier in places. I still like the original better though. This has reintroduction of characters which aren't as strong as a set of friends.

3. The Cabin in the Woods
It isn't until the third act that the movie really stands out. The behind the scenes things are really great and unique. Ending is pretty great.

4. Jaws
Yes the shark looks fake, but the movie isn't about the shark attack. It's the suspense before the attack.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
I like it better as a Halloween movie. Unique story, graphics hold up. Songs are fun.

6. Scream
Clever and genre re-defining. The dialogue is superb. Most of the reveals are great. Action is pretty bleh as is Campbell.

7. Beetlejuice
Fairly bizarre movie which is basically all about death but never involves anyone actually being too sad about this except for Rider. Keaton is hilarious and we grow to like every character.

8. Poltergeist
The movie is slow in places, but great set pieces. Great build up and climax.

9. Prometheus
I wanted to like this way more than I did. Not enough build up, too many stupid action sequences that lead to nothing. The beginning is the best part as is Fassbender.

10. Drag Me To Hell
Mostly scary but has lots of comedic elements - ala Evil Dead.

11. The Thing
Great idea though the creature never seems to get as much respect as it deserves. Perhaps some of that is the acting, or the fact that the characters are stuck in an ice world where they are always in constant danger.

12. The Ring
Always been a very creepy one for me. I like the general concept, the story always seemed very flimsy though. Great sound, horses, use of crawling-ness.

13. The Return of the Living Dead
Just enough camp. Very 80's. Strange cast of kids. The ending is kind of a bad cop out, but makes sense. Loved the other main characters.

14. I Am Legend
Basically a silent film at the beginning as his only friend is his dog. It gets pretty depressing for awhile. The alternate ending is so much better than the one they used.

15. The Addams Family
Very funny with an annoying old lady trying to ruin the family.

16. The Devils Advocate
Seemed very long. Cop out ending, but I liked it. Theron's character is the worst.

17. Insidious
Very impressed with this one. Great scares. Much better than any Paranormal Activity movie could ever be.

18. Hellraiser
Liked the story. Pandora's box almost seems secondary to the main storyline which is the uncle trying to regenerate. Lots of crazy images.

19. Fright Night (Remake)
The three main characters were all out of their element, though in a positive way. Good pace, ending is decent.

20. Addams Family Values
The baby was a pretty terrible idea. I liked the kids going to camp and everything with the parents. The Fester storyline didn't do anything for me though.

21. The House of the Devil
Didn't like the build up at all. Payoff was also poor. Might have worked much better as a short film.

22. The Crazies
I wanted to like this much more than I did. Almost on the same level as 28 Days Later, though a different type of movie. This is about survival, which most zombie movies are. It just wasn't enough.

23. Scream 2
Jamie Kennedy is probably the best part, followed by the Arquettes. I knew who the killer was immediately, which means it was probably a bad idea.

24. The Thing (Remake)
Very clever how they do the ending. Updated graphics, I just didn't feel as much for most of the characters.

25. Last House on the Left (Remake)
I liked this better than the original. It ends better, revenge pieces are better. It is very graphic though.

26. Ernest Scared Stupid
Good mixture of humor and scare. Best Ernest movie by far.

27.Scream 4
Probably the best Scream since the original Scream. Didn't see the killer(s) coming. Some characters were not needed but most are killed off fairly quickly.

28. The Haunting (Remake)
It gets me for some reason. The sound might be the best thing it has going for it. Between the creepy music, stomping and cries the tension is just amped.

29. Hollow Man
Pretty neat one about Kevin Bacon going mad scientist making himself invisible which also turns him crazy. Not scary per-say, but fairly decent.

30. Scream 3
Very uninspired movie about a movie, I disliked the reveal. I've watched this twice now and it still didn't make much sense why they picked who they did. Worst Scream by far.

31. A Nightmare on Elm Street (Remake)
Unnecessary switch they make near the end which doesn't help the movie, isn't a payoff and we can see coming a mile away. Set pieces are kind of neat, but doesn't justify the remake.


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