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31 Scary Movies for October Year 2

31 Scary Movies for October 2011

Tried the one movie a day thing for every day in October, it started off well but quickly got behind. Didn't finish till the middle of November. But this year shall be different. These are the 31 I watched - in order by a complex formula - generally best to worst. Any thoughts?

Four rankings make up the list - Netflix's predicted score, Netflix's public score, IMDB and mine from 6+ months ago. - I have some more reflection since then. 

1. Seven
The ending has become almost more important than the rest of the movie. It basically introduced the torture movie. David Fincher makes up for his Alien 3 debacle. Great casting with Pitt and Freeman. Spacey also does his part.
Netflix A: 2
Netflix B: 1
Me: 4

2. Aliens
Always going to be one of my favorites, it takes what Alien did and ramps it up. James Cameron is years before his time. I know way too much about it now to be genuinely scared.
Netflix A: 3
Netflix B: 2
Me: 2

3. Ghostbusters
One of the best scary comedies of all time. The trio of Murray, Ackroyd and Ramis just have such chemistry. Effects were great for the time, and they brought a great atmosphere and story.
Netflix A: 1
Netflix B: 7
Me: 1

4. Alien
First space horror movie. Can't say anything about it that hasn't been said. Female hero. The chest burster scene is famous. First two alien kills are special. 
Netflix A: 4
Netflix B: 4
Me: 5

5. The Shining
Maybe the scariest movie of all time. Many standout scenes. Brilliant performance by the three leads.
Netflix A: 10
Netflix B: 3
Me: 3

6. Donnie Darko
More than a few themes to this one, but one is horror and does this bit fantastically.
Netflix A: 6
Netflix B: 6
Me: 6

7. Pans Labyrinth
Also has more themes than horror here, but this movie is fantastic. The creatures though more than make up the creepiness.
Netflix A: 11
Netflix B: 5
Me: 7

8. The Omen
This is the original though the remake was almost the exact same in every way. The jackal scene is truly haunting and the woman nanny/child/dog combo is just evil. 
Netflix A: 17
Netflix B: 10
IMDB: 11
Me: 12

9. Pitch Black
Never saw Chronicles of Riddick to have that influence this. Good plot. Effects are decent. Looks like I ranked this lower than most people, but it is deserving.
Netflix A: 9
Netflix B: 8
 IMDB: 15
Me: 18

10. 1408
This is very underrated to me. Eerie and chilling. I love the mood it gives. Different kind of a mystery movie than The Ring, but in another way very much the same.
Netflix A: 5
Netflix B: 15
IMDB: 20
Me: 11

11. The Others
Sixth Sense type twist, if you don't know what it is then I would say this is a watch. After watching it twice though I have little need to watch it again.
Netflix A: 16
Netflix B: 11
Me: 19

12. Let Me In
English remake of Let the Right One In. I knew nothing about it and it surprised me with a good movie.
Netflix A: 12
Netflix B: 12
IMDB: 13
Me: 20

13. Alien 3
If you look at the rankings below, you can clearly see that it's pretty much my fault that this ranked so high. There are so many problems with this movie. I have never been so excited for a movie and have it fail so miserably. So why is it so high? There are things this film does right and the most important is that the stakes are higher - and grow as the movie goes on. Still a great score, memorable references to the first two movies.
Netflix A: 14
Netflix B: 13
IMDB: 23
Me: 8

14. Carrie
Supernatural horror film that only goes wrong at the climax. Fantastical performance by the two leading actresses. Hard to relate to Spacek knowing she was 27 when filming this movie.
Netflix A: 21
Netflix B: 16
IMDB: 12
Me: 13

15. Alien Resurrection
Also can blame me for this. Winona is the worst part of this and survives while Michael Wincott gets killed pretty quickly. Step in the right direction for special effects, step back for story telling. Almost a preview for the AVP movies. And Ridley being brought back to life as a hybrid was just strange.
Netflix A: 15
Netflix B: 14
IMDB: 25
Me: 9

16. Devil
Loved the concept for this. Six people in an elevator, one is the devil. Not the Saw plot as much of the movie happens outside the elevator. The execution almost worked. I'd even watch this again, though I'm not sure it's a buy. Predictable in a way, but entertaining none the less.
Netflix A: 8
Netflix B: 18
IMDB: 24
Me: 14

17. Scary Movie
First of these 'Movies' - cheap parodys, but also the best one. Sticks to imitating Scream avec Wayne's brothers.
Netflix A: 7
Netflix B: 23
IMDB: 26
Me: 10

18. Troll Hunter
Cheap foreign, Blair Witch type documentary - lost footage. Looks great for the budget and you get more than you expect in terms of film making. 
Netflix A: 20
Netflix B: 9
IMDB: 14
Me: 24

19. Trick R Treat
Well intentioned Halloween movie, many notable actors. Multiple woven stories all horror related. Has good promise, but falls flat in the end.
Netflix A: 18
Netflix B: 21
IMDB: 18
Me: 16

20. The Haunting - Original
Chilling and disorienting. I loved the remake. This must have been amazing when it came out. Still holds up. Great lighting, effects and story.
Netflix A: 24
Netflix B: 17
Me: 23

21. Ravenous
Guy Pearce basically defends his fort against a Windago. Ravenous refers to cannibalism. More going on than a typical horror story though has lots of killings.
Netflix A: 19
Netflix B: 19
IMDB: 19
Me: 22

22. The Wicker Man 
After watching this movie the first time I extremely disliked it, but after watching it again I have an appreciation for it. Possibly the most haunting movie here and yet nothing truly scary happens. Soundtrack is greatly unique.
Netflix A: 26
Netflix B: 25
IMDB: 10
Me: 26

23. The Baby's Room
Cheap foreign movie about a parents worst nightmare. Good concept, scares. Not better than I expected, forgetful climax.
Netflix A: 22
 Netflix B: 20
IMDB: 16
Me: 30

24. Village of The Damned 
Pretty good remake of an event that transpires - we never find out what that leads to every woman in town pregnant with un-human babies. Great atmosphere. Chilling. Loved it the first time I saw it, on this second viewing, kind of seemed like a let down. So maybe don't expect much, but tons better than Children of the Corn.
Netflix A: 23
Netflix B: 24
IMDB: 29
Me: 15

25. The Last Exorcism
I always expect way too much of these movies, probably because they scare me and just a little goes a long way. This one is unique in that it's done in a documentary way, kind of cool in how they do the ending. They camera work is not annoying in a Cloverfield way. Still nothing great. If you are into this concept you will like it.
Netflix A: 13
Netflix B: 29
IMDB: 27
Me: 25

26. The Fog 
A John Carpenter/Jamie Lee Curtis matchup of 1980. Classic, but hard to call it really scary. Love the music, but this hasn't aged well. 
Netflix A: 28
 Netflix B: 22
IMDB: 21
Me: 28

27. Dead and Breakfast
I enjoyed this one more than most people. It's not taking itself seriously, how could it with that name. If you are into the funny horror then give it a chance. Not on an Evil Dead level and doesn't have as much to work with as a Scary Movie - they break out Thriller in the middle of the movie, but still entertaining.
Netflix A: 30
Netflix B: 28
IMDB: 28
Me: 17

28. Bio Zombie 
Only 90 minutes, but it felt like 3 hours. Japenese movie that takes place in a mall. The characters aren't really the kind to get behind. It does have Engrish as a subtitle choice. Campy and bad dubbing.
Netflix A: 27
Netflix B: 30
IMDB: 22
Me: 27

29. Requiem 
Least scary movie on here as I ranked it 31. But it's also the least entertaining. Not Requiem for a dream good, not even AVP requiem good. They call it dark as it's genre and talks about exorcism, but really doesn't make you think that is the case and ends up being more of a study than anything. Focuses on her relationships with her parents and boyfriend. Supposedly a more true account of the Emily Rose exorcism.
Netflix A: 31
Netflix B: 27
IMDB: 17
Me: 31

30. Survival of the Dead 
I'm much more apologetic of George Romero than some. Kind of a silly story taking place on an island with a dumb twist at the end. But great cinematography, zombie kills.
Netflix A: 25
Netflix B: 31
IMDB: 30
 Me: 21

31. Cold Creek Manor 
I thought it was going to be one thing(supernatural) and turned into something completely different(a crazy guy). Large cast - Quaid, Stone, Stewart, Lewis. Just ends up being a slow thriller.
Netflix A: 29
Netflix B: 26
IMDB: 31
Me: 29


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