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Top 33 Movie Sword Fighters

I put this list together in like 2 minutes - so if they are out of order then they probably are.

33. Sir Knolte - Black Knight
A little out of his prime, and drunk.

32. Alexander The Great
Decent fighter. Held his own in lots of battles.

31. The Prince of Persia
He did need a redo to win the day.

30. Yu Shu Lien - Crouching Tiger
Crazy law of physics-less moves.

29. Theseus - Immortals
Born of Zeus or Poseidon - you are a good fighter.

28. Robin Hood
Destroyed the sheriff in one movie. Took out Sir Guy in another. And lead his own battle in a third.

27. Batman
Does lots of things well - including sword fighting though he doesn't display this after movie 1.

26. Nathan Algren - The Last Samurai
Probably trained too late to be truly great.

25. Athos - The 3 Musketeers
Probably the best fighter of the four. Doesn't have the drawbacks - seems to have more power.

24. James Bond
Master of all weapons though hand to hand not his specialty.

23. Bowen - Dragonheart
He took a dragon to the limit - nuff said.

22. Balian de Ibelin - Kingdom of Heaven
Classic knight - won many a battle.
21. William Turner - Pirates of the Caribbean
Not sure why I think this version of Orlando Bloom is a better fighter, but seemed to do more.

20. Blade
Single-handedly keeps the vampire population under control.

19. Connon MacLeod - The Highlander
Being immortal gives you perks but still held his own against other immortals.

18. William Wallace - Braveheart
Great fighter but not almighty.

17. Neo - The Matrix
Moving faster doesn't necessarily make you a better sword fighter. But still awesome.

16. Darth Sideous - Star Wars
Took out 4 jedi in like 3 mintues. Even had the advantage against Yoda.

15. Sir Lancelot
Every version of him is basically dominating.

14. Xena Warrior Princess
Rarely on the downside of any fight.

13. Mad Martigan - Willow
Killed the opposing general as well as the hydra all while being a nincompoop.

12. Zorro
Greatest swashbuckler.

11. Dread Pirate Roberts - Princess Bride
Basically Zorro but with more arrogance.

10. The Count of Monte Cristo
Didn't have anything to do in prison except swordplay.

9. Perseus - Clash of the Titans
Took out Ares, Medusa, the Kracken, some scorpions and some other demons.

8. John Preston - Equilibrium
Very Neo like in that he just moves so quick.

7. Conan The Barbarian
Like Xena - never in any real danger in a fight - just too busy keeping his friends alive.

6. Hero
Everyone in this movie - like House of Flying Daggers or Crouching Tiger defies gravity.

5. Maximus - Gladiator
Hasn't killed anyone who didn't deserve it. Everyone deserved it.

4. King Leonidas - 300
More of a spear guy, but there are few people you would rather have on your team.

3. Achilles - Troy
Probably on par with Theseus, but was much nastier.

2. Aragorn - Lord of the Rings
Slaughterer of all orcs everywhere.

1. The Bride - Kill Bill
Killed the entire viper gang as well as the entire Yakuza gang with little effort.


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