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100 Movies - Number 2! (31-40)

40. Men in Black 3
Genre -
Notable Cast - Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin
Synopsis - Agent J goes back in time to save his partner K and stop an escaped alien.
What I think - Josh Brolin does an amazing Tommy Lee Jones. This movie ties up a loose end from MIB1 which I really enjoyed. It was much better than the last movie. But still has some fluffy parts/characters which are entertaining but for like a second. The bad guy and the guy who can see the future don't add too much. The biggest reason to see this is Smith as he does his thing here.
Interesting fact - Tommy Lee Jones refuses to work with clothing labels.
How much did this movie make - 83 million pizzas

39.  Mission Impossible
Genre - Action Adventure
Notable Cast - Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Jean Reno
Synopsis - When a mission goes awry, only Ethan Hunt is left alive to figure out what happened.
What I think - I've had to watch this many times to understand what happens in the first 15 minutes of this movie. That's not a bad thing, just not clear the first time what's actually going on. Cruise does a great job, and every character is important here. Logical in how they reveal elements. The middle of the movie is my favorite up to and including the break in scene. Sometimes people motivations don't make much sense - they seem to go out of their way to blame Hunt than work with him or bribe him.
Interesting fact - Cruise's head kept hitting the floor during his famous hanging scene
How much did this movie make - 2,285 tanks

38. Batman Returns
Genre - Action-Fantasy
Notable Cast - Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer
Synopsis - The Penguin attempts to run for mayor and is joined by Catwoman who plans on destroying Batman.
What I think - Action points aren't as great as the original. You don't actually get Keaton very much here as it's less about BM as the city is the main character here. Odd moments particularly involving Walken's character or Penguin. Catwoman is fairly interesting with her number of lives. It show how important the Joker and Vicky Vale to an extent was to the original.
Interesting fact - Danny DeVito spent two hours a day in make-up. Annette Bening was cast as Catwoman, but was replaced by Michelle Pfeiffer when she became pregnant.
How much did this movie make - 8,866 years of child care

37.  Anchorman
Genre - Comedy
Notable Cast - Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Steve Carell
Synopsis - Ron Burgandy in 1970's San Diego copes with a woman becoming a co-anchor.
What I think - Quality comedy which gets better every time I watch it. The fight scene was by far the best part. They play up on the downfall of Ron which really isn't fun to watch but doesn't last too long. Lots of cameos. Ferrell's best movie.
Interesting fact - Restaurant on the date was called we spit in your food in spanish.
How much did this movie make - 8.9 million music cds

36.  The Wrestler
Genre - Drama
Notable Cast - Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood
Synopsis - A retired professional wrestler attempts to enter the ring again while dealing with his astranged daughter and trying to explore a relationship.
What I think - Great struggle within Rourke's character trying to work another job. I really would have liked to see him actually reconnect with his daughter and the happy ending instead of the one we got. It was a good ride though, the conflicting character is great. Rourke does give the performance something special. 
Interesting fact - The shooting schedule was 35 days and supposed to star Nicolas Cage.
How much did this movie make - 1,352 dollars to every species of spider

35.  Ted
Genre - Comedy-Fantasy
Notable Cast - Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane
Synopsis - A teddy bear comes to life but years later becomes a nuisance in John's relationship.
What I think - Enjoyable yet kind of crazy idea where the boy with the magical teddy grows up. Perfect that it's voiced by the guy who does Stewie. Mark's character just doesn't seem to have a work ethic what-so-ever which I guess since he is semi-famous not terribly hard to believe. But that also means he isn't terribly likeable. Kunis is the only one that is here. He just always makes the wrong choices. The Flash Gordon thing was pretty funny. The fight between the two of them goes on for like 10 minutes and just works. Cliche ending, but overall the movie overcomes it.
Interesting fact - Various teddy bears were used as stand-ins for post-production editing. Ted's movements were done by Seth MacFarlane through motion capture.
How much did this movie make - 1.8 million wheel chairs

34. Taken
Genre - Action-Thriller
Notable Cast - Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace
Synopsis - When an American girl gets kidnapped in Paris, her ex-spy father tracks her down .
What I think - Unexpectedly good revenge movie. Moves along at a brisk pace. Neeson is easy to root for. Very convenient that the daughter gets kidnapped one second after being in Europe. It redeems Neeson's paranoid parental abilities which is not a terribly great message.
Interesting fact - Special Air Service soldier Mick Gould trained Liam Neeson in combatives and weapons handling skills to prepare him for the role.
How much did this movie make - 250,000 guitars

33.  Incredible Hulk
Genre - Action-Sci-Fi
Notable Cast - Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, William Hurt
Synopsis - Bruce Banner seeks to cure his condition and seek refuge, but the government will not let that happen.
What I think - Entertaining as they try to do everything in hyperspeed that the first Hulk takes 2 hours to cover. It still has the same elements that are painful to watch. Banner wants to run from the government, can't control his anger...blah blah. Pace is good. Roth is really enjoyable here as the bad guy that we missed in the original Hulk movie. Sad that Norton didn't follow up on the Avengers yet we saw a better version of the Hulk than we get here which shows what this movie was missing.
Interesting fact - The film is tinted greenish as a tribute to the Hulk.
How much did this movie make - 14.6 million turtles

32.  Snatch
Genre - Crime-Thriller
Notable Cast - Jason Statham, Brad Pitt
Synopsis - While transporting a stolen 84-karat sparkler to his boss, a gangster inadvertently triggers a slew of events.
What I think - The characters haven't been this colorful since Dick Tracy. It was surprisingly good to me even though it got rave reviews. I didn't see the ending coming which was a nice touch. Pitt, Vinnie Jones and the bad guy were all riveting on screen. The plot almost gets lost at times - we don't really know who to root for - Staham seems to be in the middle of everything but it's still a good question. The person who I thought was the main character dies about 10 minutes into the movie - which was a different touch.
Interesting fact - Brad Pitt took boxing lessons prior to this for Fight Club.
How much did this movie make - 11.9 million packages of toilet paper

31.  Clerks 2
Genre - Comedy
Notable Cast - Brian O'Halloran, Kevin Smith (D), Rosario Dawson
Synopsis - Ten years have passed and the two clerks working in fast food prepare for some life altering changes.
What I think - Keeps the same charm the original had. Mindless discussions and the insane doings of Randal. Improbable both that it happened and that it was as good as it was. The love triangle is not a new concept, but it's taken in a slightly different direction. The ending - though fitting was a strange downer.
Interesting fact - This was the sixth interconnected movie.
How much did this movie make -41,000 box seats to the Toronto Maple Leaves


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