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20 Movies I Want To See

Not counting the movies that I considered for my top 30 of the year.
Top 30 I want to see in 2012

Though some don't look like they are going to get released in 2012 - World War Z, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, Jack the Giant Slayer, Scary Movie 5, G.I. Joe: Retaliation

These 20 at least I've saw a trailer for which means either in the theater now or coming soon.

20. Flight
The What: A pilot saves a plane from crashing but it's revealed he was drinking the night before.
The Why: I love Denzel. The idea is kind of intriguing. I'm not sure where the movie can go where I would really like it.

19. The Watch
The What: Aliens invade a neighborhood.
The Why: I've heard very bad things about it, but I liked the trailer enough that I think I can overcome any lack of plot, characters here as long as it's kind of funny. And it has a chance to do so given the cast.

18. The Apparition
The What: An entity attacks a group of college kids.
The Why: Looks like a run of the mill scary movie, but it has the elements that I like - crawling things, jump scares so I will give it a shot.

17. The Bourne Legacy
The What: A new spy takes the story where the last one left off.
The Why: I liked the Bourne movies, I didn't love them like everyone seemed to. That said I'm curious in what direction they decided to go here - same universe, different character.

16. Silent Hill Revelation
The What: When her dad gets kidnapped the daughter has no choice but to go follow her nightmares.
The Why: Looked pretty interesting as a Halloween movie. I like Sean Bean quite a bit, though the first Silent Hill movie wasn't too great, so I'm kinda reserved about this.

15. The Campaign
The What: Two underachievers run against each other for congress.
The Why: I eat up pretty much anything Will Ferrell whether it's good or bad. Probably not a good sign I haven't heard anything about it.

14. Sinister
The What: A man finds a film of previous house owners being haunted and killed by a demon.
The Why: Ethan Hawke in a scary movie is intriguing. The teaser trailer looked pretty scary.

13. James Bond Skyfall
The What: Bond movie #801 finds something amiss in the world and has to stop it. (Sound like every Bond movie?) Hopefully.
The Why: The action scenes look better than the last one. We meet Q... I haven't watched every bond movie yet - or any of Craigs... but oh I will get to this.

12. Carrie
The What: Remake, girl with supernatural powers - gets picked on by schoolmates and she doesn't control herself.
The Why: Hopefully not shot by shot remake as I feel they have new places to go with this character even if they keep the basic premise the same.

11. Judge Dredd
The What: Remake of the cop who is judge jury and executioner.
The Why: The original wasn't good, but I'm interested in how hollywood thinks they can improve on it in such a short time.

10. Taken 2
The What: The parents get taken this time and the daughter has to save them.
The Why: The first one was unexpectedly great, this one gets a chance and looks to keep the same pace.

9. Zero Dark Thirty
The What: The Seal Team Six capture of Bin Laden.
The Why: Interesting from a historical perspective as well as a curiosity how they will handle it.

8. Jack Reacher
The What: A terror squad crosses the wrong ghost soldier.
The Why: I can get behind Cruise as an action star, so I'm thrilled to get another. Plot looks so so though some scenes stand out.

7. The Master
The What: A veteran returns home not sure where his life is going.
The Why: Paul Thomas Anderson, need I say more. He has me hooked and just sounds so smart when talking about film. He's making a push for the mount rushmore.

6. Cloud Atlas
The What: A timeline adjusting a man from a killer to a hero.
The Why: I just assumed it was a women's book based on the title. Looks like an epic scale event. Great effects. Hanks and Berry.

5. Gangster Squad
The What: A small police gang takes on the mafia in the 40s - 50s.
The Why: Josh Brolin looks like a star here, though the rest of the cast is no slouch - Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Sean Penn, Terminator 2, Papa Doc...

4. Branded
The What: One man can seemingly see a world inside where aliens control us. 
The Why: The effects haven't looked this interesting since the Matrix. Hopefully it can be every as good as it looks and not like a Skyline which had great looking moments but was super boring.

3. Lawless
The What: A gang in the depression age gets taken on by a new cop.
The Why: Cast looks amazing - Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy, looks really entertaining.

2. The Man With The Iron Fists
The What: A blacksmith has to defend his village against an assortment of assassins, soldiers and warriors who want it's gold.
The Why: Looks like pure entertaining action from beginning to end. Love to hate Lucy Lu. Good to have Tarantino's name on it. Also love Russell Crowe.

1. Seven Psychopaths
The What: A group of friends kidnap a gangsters dog.
The Why: Woody Harrelson, Colin Farrell and Christopher Walken are always great. Movie looks like a cross between Pulp Fiction and Snatch.


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