Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ranking the Marvel Movies

marvel 5 photo Marvel_zpse06107f2.jpg

Same Idea as the Pixar ones - we each ranked the ones we have watched. The average gets the higher score.
29 of them to this count - not counting the terrible Captain America and Fantastic 4 movies that came out in the 90s.

29.The Punisher (The Original)
 photo ThePunisherOriginal_zpsedf0036c.jpg
The only one none of us have watched. My Dolph marathon won't be complete without it.

28. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2)
 photo GhostRider2_zps601e9f19.jpg
H: X
J: 27
K: X
S: X
To be fair there was only one rank with a low score. Trailer looked fairly interesting though.

27. Howard the Duck
Marvel 9 photo HowardtheDuck_zpsa585b656.jpg
H: 27
J: 25
K: X
S: 27
Earlier movie doesn't really fit what Marvel does now. I always liked the beginning though.

26. Punisher War Zone
Marvel 10 photo PunisherWarzone_zps3b26570f.jpg
H: 26
J: 28
K: X
S: 25
Nice not having to worry about the origin story as was the Jigsaw inclusion.

25. Elektra
 photo Elektra-1_zpsc00acd82.jpg
H: 21
J: 26
K: X
S: 26
Sequel was just so bland.

24. Ghost Rider
marvel 3 photo GhostRider_zps5579d10c.jpg
H: 22
J: 22
K: X
S: 22
Could it have been saved without Nicolas Cage? No one will ever know.

23. Blade: Trinity
marvel 1 photo Blade3_zpsb9c18dde.jpg
H: 25
J: 14
K: X
S: 24
You can tell when a vampire series has run out of ideas when they bring in Dracula and or Ryan Reynolds.

22. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
 photo Fantastic4RiseoftheSilverSurfer_zps5bdf30ca.jpg
H: 19
J: 23
K: X
S: 20
Stupid Galactus the Cloud.

21. Blade
marvel 2 photo Blade_zps06b4e15c.jpg
H: 23
J: 19
K: X
S: 18
Pretty good for it's time. The alternate ending is funny.

20. The Punisher
 photo ThePunisher-2_zpsdb982c69.jpg
H: 20
J: 24
K: 17
S: 16
Missed out on the Russian joke with Dolph here. I do enjoy Travolta more than others here.

19. Daredevil
 photo Daredevil-1_zps3b84128f.jpeg
H: 18
J: 21
K: 18
S: 19
Lots of missed opportunities. The director's cut however was mildly better.

18. Blade II
 photo Blade2_zpsec2613e6.jpg
H: 24
J: 11
K: X
S: 21
Okay sequel to feature the future Hell Boy.

17. The Hulk
marvel 7 photo TheHulk-1_zps7a24946a.jpg
H: 16
J: 20
K: 13
S: 23
Too slow though I enjoy Eric Bana and most of the cast. 

16. Fantastic 4
 photo Fantastic4_zpsa6d1e8b0.jpg
H: 17
J: 17
K: 16
S: 17
Remarkably consistent to us.

15. Spider-Man 3
marvel 6 photo SpiderMan3_zps4626e630.jpg
H: 14
J: 18
K: X
S: 12
Not sure how I ranked this the highest as I'm equally disappointed as most people with this.

14. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
 photo X-MenOriginsWolverine_zps9acf1a4e.jpg
H: 11
J: 15
K: 11
S: 15
Fairly symmetrical here.

13. The Incredible Hulk
 photo TheIncredibleHulk_zps38460d8c.jpg
H: 13
J: 9
K: 10
S: 14
How amazing would the Avengers have been with Norton?

12. X-Men Last Stand
 photo X-Men3_zps32bf1877.jpg
H: 12
J: 8
K: 12
S: 13
Became the Wolverine show at the expense of Professor X and Cyclops.

11. Spider-Man
 photo SpiderMan_zps8957a17f.jpg
H: 5
J: 16
K: 14
S: 6
Great first effort by Rami. William Dafoe steals the show.

10. Thor
marvel 8 photo Thor-4_zpsecfa7b40.jpg
H: 8
J: 12
K: 9
I constantly debate Thor verse Captain America in my head.

9. X-men
 photo X-Men1_zps10a66eab.jpg
H: 15
J: 5
K: 8
S: 7
Even Storm doesn't annoy me in this.

8. Captain America: The First Avenger
 photo CaptainAmerica-4_zps573e89af.jpg
H: 3
J: 13
K: 7
S: 11
Evans was surprisingly good in this role despite Fantastic Four.

7. Spider-Man 2
 photo SpiderMan2_zps517a867c.jpeg
H: 6
J: 10
K: 15
S: 2
At times my favorite Super Hero movie. Though the Spider Man no more storyline can get draining on re-watches.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man
 photo TheAmazingSpiderMan_zpsab942585.jpg
H: 10
J: 7
K: 2
S: 8
Was just as good if not better on a second go.

5. Iron Man 2
 photo IronMan2-2_zps57aa82db.jpg
H: 7
J: 4
K: 4
S: 9
This movie gets panned quite a bit and rightfully so. But Downey is all we need to be entertained.

4. X-Men: First Class
 photo X-MenFirstClass-3_zps7bb148aa.jpg
H: 9
J: 3
K: 3
S: 5
Return to form. Kevin Bacon and Fassbender are crazy awesome.

3. Iron Man
marvel 4 photo IronMan_zps22f089d2.jpg
H: 4
J: 2
K: 6
S: 4
The beginning of the Marvel streak of great movies.

2. Marvel's The Avengers
 photo TheAvengers-3_zps61d42619.jpeg
H: 1
J: 6
K: 1
S: 3
Whedon truly is awesome.

1. X2
Marvel 11 photo X-Men2_zpsf4af481a.jpg
H: 2
J: 1
K: 5
S: 1


  1. Yes! X2 Makes the top of the list. Truly awesome movie. I was surprised movies like Elektra made the list, but then I saw that you ranked all the movies you saw. Quite an innovative list. Most of us do only Top 10 lists!

    Still can't figure out if The Amazing Spiderman was a remake or reboot. The story seems exactly similar to Raim's first movie! And I absolutely agree with The avengers and Iron Man. total fun movies. I would have put Wolverine at the bottom though. Horrible stuff!

    Great list, bro. Looking forward to more such awesomeness!