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The 40 Best/Worst - Oh Heck They Are All The Same - Johnny Depp Characters

40. Jack - (Private Resort)
 photo PrivateResort_zps4fcada24.jpg

39. Raphael - (The Brave)
 photo TheBrave_zps9b0928c4.jpg

38. Gene Watson - (Nick of Time)
 photo NickofTime_zps82ef0780.jpg

37. Cry-Baby - (Cry-Baby)
 photo Cry-Baby_zps453b019c.jpg

36. Cesar - (The Man Who Cried)
 photo TheManWhoCried_zps1fd903d8.jpg

35. Axel Blackmar - (Arizona Dream)
 photo ArizonaDream_zpscc283554.jpg

34. Sam - (Benny & Joon)
 photo BennyampJoon_zpsc3574e7f.jpg

33. L'inconnu - (And They Lived Happily Ever After)
 photo AndTheyLivedHappilyEverAfter_zpsfc2907d7.jpg

32. Commander Spencer Armacost - (The Astronaut's Wife)
 photo TheAstronautsWife_zps2f3791f6.jpg

31. Rochester - (The Libertine)
 photo TheLibertine_zps20e8e353.jpg

30. Don Juan - (Don Juan DeMarco)
 photo DonJuanDeMarco_zpse8c59357.jpg

29. Gilbert Grape - (What's Eating Gilbert Grape)
 photo WhatsEatingGilbertGrape_zps6d0d6f76.jpg

28. William Blake - (Dead Man)
 photo DeadMan_zpse8930926.jpg

27. Kemp - (The Rum Diary)
 photo TheRumDiary_zps1c27ff5f.jpg

26. Sands - (Once Upon a Time in Mexico)
 photo OnceUponaTimeinMexico_zps3afe7746.jpg

25. Frank Tupelo - (The Tourist)

 photo 7288bfe6-ce5c-4abf-bd77-34e441f3cd4c_zps80375f58.jpg

24. Dean Corso - (The Ninth Gate)
 photo TheNinthGate_zps2d4f7df9.jpg

23. Mort Rainey - (Secret Window)
 photo SecretWindow_zpsf1189a28.jpg

22. Imaginarium Tony - (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus)
 photo The-Imaginarium-of-Doctor-Parnassus_zps866ecdd0.jpg

21. Inspector Frederick Abberline - (From Hell)
 photo 2a02e967-91b8-4919-b407-d59a54e6de46_zps1c3bac7b.jpg

20. Lerner - (Platoon)
 photo Platoon_zps2c8247f0.jpg

19. George Jung - (Blow)
 photo Blow_zps490a9bc1.jpg

18. Roux - (Chocolat)
 photo Chocolat_zps5f6a3ce2.jpg

17. Raoul Duke - (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)
 photo 55173e1c-5619-48f4-b611-f448cd3794a7_zpsd8968640.jpg

16. Donnie Brasco - (Donnie Brasco)
 photo DonnieBrasco_zps12453ab6.jpg

15. Glen Lantz - (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
 photo ANightmareonElmStreet_zpsfc71fc0a.jpg

14. Ed Wood - (Ed Wood)
 photo EdWood_zpse80f6416.jpg

13. Barnabas Collins - (Dark Shadows)
 photo DarkShadows-2_zpse08caa86.jpg

12. Edward Scissorhands - (Edward Scissorhands)
 photo EdwardScissorhands_zpsf19b357c.jpg

11. Rango - (Rango)
 photo Rango_zps9048446a.jpg

10. Tonto - (The Lone Ranger)
 photo TheLoneRanger-1_zps8b37aa0d.jpg

9. Victor Van Dort - (Corpse Bride)
 photo 6a51a147-2de4-4653-8d5b-04a439bec974_zps8fca2e8f.jpg

8. Tom Hanson - (21 Jump Street)
 photo 003a3764-c979-4388-aad1-c60d06efbe21_zpsb18af2e8.jpg

7. Mad Hatter - (Alice in Wonderland)
 photo 110a45de-a3fb-454e-bcb1-3fd0145c41e8_zps0a3a89cb.jpg

6. John Dillinger - (Public Enemies)
 photo PublicEnemies_zps02ed911d.jpg

5. Sir James Matthew Barrie - (Finding Neverland)
 photo FindingNeverland_zps03384d79.jpg

4. Ichabod Crane - (Sleepy Hollow)
 photo SleepyHollow_zps10bd785d.jpg

3. Willy Wonka - (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
 photo CharlieandtheChocolateFactory_zps4aaceee9.jpg

2. Jack Sparrow - (Pirates of the Caribbean)
 photo PiratesoftheCaribbean-1_zpsbdd0299d.jpg

1. Sweeney Todd - (Sweeney Todd)
 photo SweeneyTodd_zps79205a31.jpg


  1. My favorite post :) Johnny Depp is a beautiful man!


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