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Hotness Contest #59 - Mary-Louise Parker vs Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Mary-Louise Parker

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Mary-Louise Parker W 1-0
Julia Louis-Dreyfus L 0-1

Hotness Contest #58 - Angelina Jolie vs Jessica Chastain

Angelina Jolie

Jessica Chastain

Angelina Jolie W 1-1
Jessica Chastain L 0-1

Hotness Contest #57 - Jessica Simpson vs Teri Hatcher

Jessica Simpson (This one)

Teri Hatcher

Jessica Simpson W 1-0
Teri Hatcher L 2-1

Hotness Contest #56 - Amanda Seyfried vs Nicole Richie

Amanda Seyfried

Nicole Richie

Amanda Seyfried L 0-1
Nicole Richie W 1-0

Michele Bachmann - 10 Best Pictures

So the way I started this hotness contest was to do front end work at the beginning so it would be easier to find pictures every day. That took way too much time at once. But that was after I found many a picture of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Kate Middleton to name a few, which is why you will see them pop up many times compared to others. I'm convinced I won't use Michele Bachmann anymore due to how I've set this up, so without further ado - the 10 best pictures of Michele that I could find. Which isn't easy cause she always seems to have her mouth open in a strange position.

Hotness Contest #2

Hotness Contest #55 - Lucy Lawless vs Lady Gaga

Lucy Lawless

Lady Gaga

Lucy Lawless W 1-0
Lady Gaga L 1-2

Hotness Contest #54 - Kate Hudson vs Kate Middleton

Kate Hudson

Kate Middleton

Kate Hudson W 1-0
Kate Middleton L 1-3

Hotness Contest #53 - Lindsey Vonn vs Beyonce

Lindsey Vonn


Lindsey Vonn W 1-0
Beyonce L 0-5

Hotness Contest #52 - Eva Longoria vs Jessica Biel

Eva Longoria

Jessica Biel

Eva Longoria W 1-0
Jessica Biel L 0-1

Hotness Contest #51 - Lindsay Lohan vs Jennifer Aniston

Lindsay Lohan

Jennifer Aniston

Lindsay Lohan W 1-0
Jennifer Aniston L 0-3

Hotness Contest #50 - Jennette McCurdy vs Teri Hatcher

Jennette McCurdy

Teri Hatcher

Jennette McCurdy L 0-2
Teri Hatcher W 2-0

Hotness Contest #49 - Neve Campbell vs Lady Gaga

Neve Campbell

Lady Gaga

Neve Campbell W 1-0
Lady Gaga L 1-1

Hotness Contest #48 - Kristin Kreuk vs Teri Hatcher

Kristin Kreuk

Teri Hatcher

Kristin Kreuk L 0-1
Teri Hatcher W 1-0

Hotness Contest #47 - Beyonce vs Rihanna



Beyonce L 0-4
Rihanna W 2-0

Hotness Contest #46 - Miranda Cosgrove vs Jennette McCurdy

Miranda Cosgrove

Jennette McCurdy

Miranda Cosgrove W 1-0
Jennette McCurdy L 0-1

Hotness Contest #45 - Selena Gomez vs Natalie Gulbis

Selena Gomez

Natalie Gulbis

Selena Gomez L 0-1
Natalie Gulbis W 1-0

Hotness Contest #44 - Jennifer Aniston vs Kate Upton

Jennifer Aniston

Kate Upton

Jennifer Aniston L 0-2
Kate Upton W 2-0

Hotness Contest #43 - Sofia Vergara vs Kim Kardashian

Sofia Vergara

Kim Kardashian

Sofia Vergara L 0-1
Kim Kardashian W 2-0

Hotness Contest #42 - Jennifer Lopez vs Gwyneth Paltrow

Jennifer Lopez

Gwyneth Paltrow

Jennifer Lopez W 1-0
Gwyneth Paltrow L 0-1

Hotness Contest #41 - Nicole Scherzinger vs Anna Benson

Nicole Scherzinger

Anna Benson

Nicole Scherzinger L 0-1
Anna Benson W 1-0

Hotness Contest #40 - Gwen Stefani vs Bar Refaeli

Gwen Stefani

Bar Refaeli

Gwen Stefani L 0-1
Bar Refaeli W 1-0