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45 Websites To Check Out

15 - Seldom known ones
15 - Useful ones
15 - Fun ones

Few to get you started -
Flash movies about Shakespeare, just hilarious. - Romeo and Juliet - Hamlet

Music Finder - Free music. Enter a song or artist and if it finds it, it will offer it up.

Entertaining - Funny stories about how bad peoples lives are.

Seldom Known Websites -
I make to-do lists all the time, but writing them down is so 20th century. Instead, use this application so you don't have to carry a piece of paper. You can get alerts via IMs, email and texts.

I've had nasty viruses in my time, but this website was my savior. It can fix your PC if it's acting up. It also has some utilities you can get to help back up and repair.

Forget about installing, signing on and opening AIM, MSN and Yahoo. Instead do all at once with a web browser. You can make a …